Yankees Announcer Bob Sheppard Passes Away At 99

The voice of the Yankees Stadium for over half a century is gone. Bob Sheppard reportedly died at his residence in Long Island. From 1951 to 2007, Bob Sheppard has been the voice in its public address system. He has seen generations of players and fans in the Yankees Stadium. His voice has become a legend in the Yankees Stadium that a dining room for media was named after him.

Bob Sheppard never made his age publicly known but a Yankees insider did confirm that Sheppard was born sometime in October 1910. When he started in 1951, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Phil Rizzuto and Johnny Mize were just some of the players in the Yankees lineup. By the time he was about to leave his PA announcing duties in late 2007, he was already introducing Derek Jeter to the crowd each game.

Fans and players will surely remember Sheppard, bringing back memories over that familiar voice at the Yankees Stadium.

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