XBOX 360: Halo Reach Beta Code Available Online

XBOX 360: Halo Reach Beta Codes are now available online. Halo fans around the world are excited to play Halo Reach. Beta codes are now being distributed online for Halo Reach. Halo Reach beta code is now available. So if you want to play Halo reach, you must have a beta code now, or else, you’ll be a loser.

Halo: Reach is an upcoming first-person shooter video game for the Xbox 360. I know everyone knows that!

It is part of the Halo series, and it is scheduled for release during the fall of 2010.

Its world premiere was held on December 12, 2009, at the Spike Video Game Awards.

The game takes place in the year 2552, where humanity is locked in a war with the alien Covenant. Players control Noble 6, a member of an elite supersoldier squad, during a battle for the human world of Reach.

This game is gonna be awesome and great. Get your Halo Reach Beta Code now and be one of the first Xbox players to beta test Halo Reach!

39 thoughts on “XBOX 360: Halo Reach Beta Code Available Online

  1. You wouldn’t happen to have one of these codes?? I’ve been searching for hours now, with no luck. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!!

  2. dumass you don’t get a code. You get it through halo ODST. there is a code on there where you put it in on mAy 3rd when the beta comes out. distributing beta code is obsurd. I know cause i am one of the developers for the game.

  3. @Awrs Your not a Developer dumbass cuz my friend is playing the BETA right now and he got it thru a code from his friend that works at gamestop

  4. to the kid who said hes a developer…. your obviously not a developer. your actions are childish, if you actually want to even attempt to fool someone. you need to act like an adult not some dumb, punk kid.

  5. would make my entire weekend to get a code! If you’ve got ’em, please share one with me! Thanks 🙂

  6. hey ive been trying all day to get one entered some contests lost some plz send me one if u dnt ill understand :/

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