X-Men Origins: Magneto, Is it Worth the Movie?

X-Men Origins: Magneto – Twentieth Century Fox will be very busy with their X-Men franchise because there would be more than two upcoming X-Men movies and we are sure fans would be happy to know this. X-Men Origins will have two movies while X-Men First Class will be out 2011 and X-Men 4 probably coming out soon.

X-Men Oigins: Magnetto will focus on the story of Erik Lensherr and how he became Magneto. Lensherr and Xavier were very good friends and their only rift is their thinking on how mutants should cooperate with humans. Lensherr sees the mutants as superior and should enslave humans while Charles wants to live in peaceful co-existence with them.

The first taste of this story will be seen in the June 3, 2011 movie, X-Men First Class which begins filming this August and will be directed by Matthew Vaughn.

There is however a possibility that this movie might not be filmed at all and they might decide to get on the origins of other characters. Is Magneto, a worth it character or not? Do you think you would like to see this movie? Well, for me I would gladly want to see more of the story of Magneto and understand his sentiments.

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