X Factor Auditions 2011: Melanie Amaro Got Standing Ovation while Geo Godly Got Complaints

Two performers stood out in this week’s X Factor Auditions 2011. Melanie Amparo got a standing ovation with her rendition of the song Beyonce’s Listen in front of judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and new judge Nicole Scherzinger at Miami’s United Bank Center.

Melanie Amparo got the “yes” of all four judges. Judge L.A. Reid said. “You are truly amazing, You have the gift. You have the soul. You have the spirit. You have the swagger. You have the X factor.”

After the audition, Melanie Amparo was very happy and said: “My family they support me and back me 100 percent in my singing. I don’t want to disappoint my family. They’re all so proud, and I definitely got to get that ‘yes.’ ”

Meanwhile, a contestant named Geo Godly got several complaints with his performance. Godly introduced himself as a singer, writer and producer who was classically trained on the piano. He then began prancing around the stage while singing one of his pieces. Less than a minute into his song he dropped his trousers and this made the judges most especially Paula Abdul to walk out because of disgust.

“It was completely inappropriate, and as you can see, a little bit delusional of him to say ‘I have another song.’ The fact that he thought that it would be OK to do that is just rather disgusting,” Abdul said.

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