Wyclef Jean Fires Back at Critics

Haitian-born but US-raised musician Wyclef Jean fired back at critics of his plan to run for president of Haiti, from one of his former band mates to Sean Penn.

Jean is being assailed, in particular by Penn, for staying out of Haiti ever since the January earthquake and for allegedly mishandling the donations that were coursed through his Yele Haiti Foundation at the height of relief efforts for the quake-devastated country.

Jean’s former band mate, Pras Michel, on the other hand chose to endorse Michel Martelly, another musician who is intending to run for president of Haiti.

Jean said Michel “is entitled to his opinion,” but added that they have not spoken in 10 years.

As for Penn, the rapper praised the actor’s work in Haiti but dismissed his accusations saying, “The area that Sean Penn occupies in the … golf club is an area that I haven’t really been around. The idea that he can’t find me when I’m in Haiti, that’s because I’m out doing the work in another area of Haiti.”

He has also consistently denied allegations that he mismanaged funds donated to Yele Haiti.  

The presidential election in Haiti is set for Nov. 28, and the winner will manage billions of dollars in foreign aid flowing in to the Caribbean country.

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