Writing Reviews Must Be the Passion of Yelp and Amazon Super Reviewers

“Reviewing closes the circle on the experience” so says Grady Harp, an Amazon “super reviewer”. For Danny Chonde, a Yelp super reviewer, “It’s a creative outlet.”

These are probably just two of the reasons why Amazon super reviewer Harp has managed to churn in a jaw-dropping 4,692 reviews.

A professor of Interactive Communications at the New York University see the phenomena as the power of positive feedback at work, considering these super reviewers already have a huge following, breathlessly awaiting for their next review of whatever product, gadget, book or item is out there.

Some start-up reviewers see writing free reviews as part of the process or a way to build a name for themselves, very much like how a starry-eyed starlet see every cameo role or non-speaking part a step toward as Hollywood career.

As everyone probably knows, like public speaking, writing is not an easy task, be it writing an essay, an article or in this case, a review. For these super reviewers who even do it for free, it has got to be pure, unadulterated passion for writing that drives them to come up with one review after another.

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