Worst Celebrity Hair Award Goes to…

…Britney Spears!

My God, I do not even know where to start or what to say about this picture, but I just know I have to write something about it.

What is Britney Spears thinking? She dared go out of her house looking like this? What about her posse, her assistant or even her driver, don’t they care enough about her (she is after all their meal-ticket boss) to even say a word about how ghastly her hair looked? I can’t believe nobody even suggested that she wear a hat or a wig so she would not look so horrifying, not to mention disgusting.

I mean, this definitely takes the cake for the worst case of celebrity bad hair days. If you have anything that can trump this one, oh please send them to me because I really think this is by far the worst ever a celebrity’s hair could look.

I wonder if she has some bed bugs hiding under there. I can’t blame the poor critters if they mistake her head for an old, stinky, never washed, faux fur-upholstered seat because it surely looks like one.

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