World’s Tallest Married Couple: The Hallquists

Guinness World Records just recently announced its Tallest Married Couple in New York.

Hailed from Stockton, California, Wayne and Laurie Hallquist stood proudly before the world as they receive such recognition.

The couple sums a combined height of 13.44 feet (407.4 centimeters). Husband Wayne stands at 6 feet and 10.4 inches and wife Laurie at 6 feet and 5.95 inches.

Official adjudicator Stuart Claxton will preside over the couple’s astounding achievement and announce the dynamic duo’s incredible proportions while presenting the pair with an official Guinness World Records certificate.

“We’re excited and proud,” declared the statuesque Laurie. “Representing the U.S. in this year’s Guinness World Records Day is quite a thrill.”

The colossal couple met at a singles gathering hosted by their local Baptist church seven years ago and have been happily married ever since. Wayne currently works as a telecommunications engineer and Laurie is a realtor in their place and was a former women’s basketball player at California State University. The Hallquists collect classic cars, enjoy boating and sleep in a California King size bed measuring 7 feet. They currently do not have children.

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