World’s Hardest Riddle Solved!

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There’s a very very difficult riddle that’s trending right now.  It’s something that would make your nose bleed if you don’t know the basics of this thing.  Science is involved and if you don’t know much about physics then you won’t be able to answer this riddle.

I turn Polar bears white. And I will make you cry. I make guys have to pee. And girls comb their hair. I make celebrities look stupid. And normal people look like celebrities. I turn pancakes brown. And make your champagne bubble. If you squeeze me, ill pop. If you look at me, you’ll pop.

The answer is….


Polar bears are white because thy adapt to the color of their environment which is cold, icy and white.  Pressure is responsible for making the conditions very cold.

Humans will cry if they are under too much pressure.

Guys pee because their bladder has too much pressure already and they need to go and release.

Girls comb their hair because social pressure pushes them to look the best they should be.

Sometimes, pressure can bring out the funniest embarrassing moments and celebrities are always in jeopardy.

Normal people however push themselves to be ambitious because of pressure and this will make them look like celebrities and they rise up to the occasion.

The browning of pancakes is caused by a lot of things – temperature, volume and pressure.  The very ingredient responsible for making pancakes brown is pressure.  It won’t turn brown without it.

Champagne’s bubbles are caused by pressure as well.

If something is squeezed under pressure, it will pop like balloons.

If you look at pressure from an external place, you’ll pop from lack of pressure.

6 thoughts on “World’s Hardest Riddle Solved!

  1. the answer is not pressure. notice how people say that 87% of children in kindergarten have solved this riddle and 87% of harvard graduates cannot solve this. the kindergarteners can solve this because it’s a simple riddle. the harvard people cannot solve this because they probably think too much into the question. the answer is actually God. it’s simple because God decides what happens, correct? probably another reason harvard grads connot solve this is because there is a quite possible chance they do not believe in God, meaning that would make the answer false. the answer is simply God.

  2. @Aaron – Not that large of a percentage of children believe in god.. And just because Harvard graduates are (most likely) smart, that doesn’t mean they don’t believe in god; they just wouldn’t use “god” as an answer to everything, like you do. So no. That is not the answer.

    More over, the actual riddle asks “Can you guess the answer?” at the end of the riddle, and the answer is simply “No”. Children can answer this because they are most likely going to give up and say “No” instead of pondering on the riddle like Harvard graduates will.

    To be technically correct, it asks “Can you GUESS the answer?”, so it should be “yes” because you CAN guess the answer, you just don’t have to be correct; “No” is just the answer most people have given for this riddle.

  3. I’ve checked out quite a few websites and seems many are saying ‘pressure’, ‘time’, ‘air/wind’, etc. But the answer has to be no.

    If it was one of the other answers why does it make guy have to pee and not girls. And why doesn’t it girls comb their hair and not guys.

    If you can satisfy the guy/girl dilemma then maybe you’d have another viable answer.

    But for now, all you pseudointellectual, take a break and come back to earth.

  4. That’s not true the answer is supposed to be no because the last question

    can you answer this question
    97% of people from harvard can’t answer this 84% of kindergardeners can

    Just gonna put this out worlds longest word is

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