World’s Biggest Beaver Dam Photo and Pictures

Here’s the latest update about the photos and pictures of the World’s biggest, others call it largest, beaver dam in the whole world. Recently, what seems to be the largest beaver dam in the world has been discovered within the southern edge of Wood Buffalo National Park in Northern Alberta, Canada.

The said biggest beaver dam can also be seen through Google Earth’s images and can be seen from outer space.

The Canadian beavers amazingly built a staggering 2790 feet wide dam, which is twice the size of the world’s largest and popular beaver dam, the Hover Dam at 1224 feet.

Dams are made with mud and stones by beavers as a protection against predators like wolves, bears and coyotes.

Beavers use driftwood, green willows, birch and poplars; and they mix in mud and stones that contribute to the dam’s strength and build them according to the strength of the water’s flow.

Here’s the latest actual picture of the Biggest Beaver Dam in the World:

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