World Population to Reach 7 billion This Year

Global population is expected to exceed 7 billion later this year.

“Although the issues immediately confronting developing countries are different from those facing the rich countries, in a globalized world demographic challenges anywhere are demographic challenges everywhere,” said David Bloom, Clarence James Gamble Professor of Economics and Demography at the Harvard School of Public Health.

“The demographic picture is indeed complex, and poses some formidable challenges. Those challenges are not insurmountable, but we cannot deal with them by sticking our heads in the sand. We have to tackle some tough issues ranging from the unmet need for contraception among hundreds of millions of women and the huge knowledge-action gaps we see in the area of child survival, to the reform of retirement policy and the development of global immigration policy. It’s just plain irresponsible to sit by idly while humankind experiences full force the perils of demographic change,” Bloom said.

Trends in population growth indicate a shift of concentration towards less developed places. This would mean the struggle to provide even basic needs and services to one’s population would continue to increase.

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