World Cup 2010 Finals: Netherlands vs Spain Predictions

World Cup 2010 Finals: Netherlands Wins – I would like to defy Paul The Octopus and say that on the Netherlands vs Spain World Cup finals battle on July 11, Netherlands will win. Netherlands will prove to the world that Total Football is indeed the best style of playing the game.

This is their third time to go to the finals and the last one is in 1978. Back then they suffer setbacks and the last one with Argentina had not been very good. They have a great player, they played well and they deserve the win.

Should we allow some Octopus to play the trick and say that he can predict the game? For me I would like to defy that fact and tell that Netherlands would defeat Spain. There is a strong possibility that Netherlands wants to really be the champions finally. They are the best football team and yet they have not won a World Cup.

Look at this video on why I am saying that Netherlands will win the World Cup 2010 finals.


4 thoughts on “World Cup 2010 Finals: Netherlands vs Spain Predictions

  1. Thank you for your prediction, one I fully am sharing.
    Holland is going to win. They are a fantastic team with truly noble players and shall win with 2-0 indeed.

  2. you say that they will FINALLY be world cup champions, that they’ve only made it to the final THREE TIMES. well, spain has never even made it to the final before. and we’re going to win this world cup!

  3. 3 times enter final in World Cup doesn’t mean the current players involved on that 1st and 2nd match. I most confident that Spain will celebrate the World No 1 title this time. They have talented players starting from keeper to forward not same as Holland only hoping to 3 key players such as Kuyt, Robben and Sneider.

  4. I have watch most of the matches and I predict that Spain will bring back this year World Cup and bravo to Spain.Salute to ypu Spain

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