Will You Bet Your Bottom Dollar on the Psychic Octopus’ Pick?

Holy calamari! It seems this octopus is always right on the money as far as soccer is concerned. Reports say that all six of his World Cup predictions have come true, so that gives him a batting average of 6 for 6 or 100%. Wow, that means he is even more accurate than most physics I know. I wonder if he can predict the winning numbers in the lottery.

Anyway, in the upcoming World Cup finals match this Sunday between Spain and the Netherlands, Paul, the Psychic Octopus, picked and therefore predicted Spain to be the winner.

The question is will betting aficionados, or even those who just want to be known for having psychic abilities like Paul, place their bottom dollar on this octopus’ choice.

Given Paul’s accuracy, I say you could go with his prediction, if ever you do choose to place a bet. With 100% accuracy, how can you doubt this “psychic” octopus?

Now, I do not really follow the World Cup, or soccer for that matter, but instead of opening a tank with a flag in it, whenever I need to make a choice I simply close my eyes, breathe deeply then take my pick. For the World Cup, I also pick Spain.

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