Who Went Home in the Latest American Idol Season 9 April 21?

Another week as it is, American Idol Season 9 once again sent someone home. After the show’s charity concert Wednesday night, another contestant bid farewell. Sad to say but it’s about time for Tim Urban to bid farewell. He was the latest contestant who was voted off.

As what People described him, he had a better run than probably anyone — apart from friends and family — expected, largely because he always flashed an ingratiating smile, had better hair than most professional pop stars and was growing stronger as a performer week by week. Tuesday night when Ellen compared him to a soup du jour that failed to please her that particular day. He was joined in the bottom three with Casey James and Aaron Kelly. It the first time for Casey James not only to the bottom three but also to the bottom two.

On the other hand, the show went well having amazing charitable guests. The best among them is probably Annie Lennox, who taped a segment about an HIV-positive girl in Africa. She also sang from London. She wasn’t able to travel to US because of the ash chaos. Mary J. Blige did “Stairway to Heaven” with Randy on guitar.

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