Who are the Best and Worst Dressed in Oscars 2010 Red Carpet?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is subjective. Celebrities, as public figures, are constantly being criticized by people. The Oscars 2010 Awards is one venue to showcase the best designs in fashion. Fashion designers vie for the chance to design the dresses of various celebrities especially for females as they walk the famous red carpet aisle.

A person might consider the dress of a celebrity beautiful and appealing while others might consider the same to be dull and unappealing. With the Red Carpet of the Oscars 2010 Awards night already finished, who do you think was the best dressed and worst dressed celebrity?

I had the chance to watch the Oscars 2010 Red Carpet yesterday through my PC and based on my subjective judgment, here are some of the celebrities considered as best dressed and worst dressed.

Let’s start with Best Dressed for female celebrity:
No doubt Oscars 2010 Best Actress Winner Sandra Bullock was my favorite best dressed celebrity. Her dress mimics that of the Oscars statue in that metallic Marchesa gown. She looked very beautiful and elegant.

The simplicity of Bullock’s gown and her beautiful white skin complexion made me choose her as the best dressed in the Oscars.

In addition to her gown, her long shining hair added to the glamour of her dress. No wonder a lot of Oscars 2010 critics also chose her to be the best dressed in the Oscars Red Carpet. She was definitely a head turner during her entrance at the Red Carpet.  I bet that whoever designed for Sandra Bullock’s dress, he or she will definitely get a lot of designing contracts from other celebrities as well.

Congratulations Sandra Bullock not only for winning the most coveted Best Actress Award but also for winning the eyes of the Oscars 2010 spectators.

For the Best Dressed male celebrity:
I chose George Clooney for the Best Dressed male celebrity in the Oscars 2010 red carpet. Men’s standard costume in attending Oscars’ red carpet are black tuxedos.

What caught my attention was not so much of his costume but his personality towards his fans which added to the beauty of his costume. I saw him in the red carpet live stream signing autographs with his fans and shaking hands with them.

In addition, his girlfriend looked beautiful too. As a couple, they both looked great with their dresses. Despite his old age, George Clooney was still a favorite of movie fanatics.

Now for the Worst Dressed Celebrity in the Oscars 2010 Red Carpet:
For the worst dressed female celebrity, I would choose Gabourey Sidibe. Sorry Gabourey but you should start losing those fats. Had she shed some of those fats, she would have looked more beautiful with her dress. Her acting skills in the movie “Precious” are excellent though.

For the worst dressed male celebrity, I would choose Robert Downey Jr. Just looked at his shades, bow tie and shoes and definitely you would agree with me.

I really don’t know why he dressed in that way. Probably he wanted to be in the limelight as the worst dressed male celebrity in the Oscars 2010 Red Carpet.

This was just according to my subjective point of view in judging the dresses of celebrities in the recently held Oscars 2010 Awards. As I’ve said in the start, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How about you, if you were to choose only one male and female celebrity for both the worst and best dressed in the Oscars 2010 red carpet, who would you choose?

28 thoughts on “Who are the Best and Worst Dressed in Oscars 2010 Red Carpet?

  1. what a pig to make comments about gabourey “should lose the fats”. she looks beautiful, classy unlike some of the skinny anorexic actresses with more fat in their lips than on their bums. maybe you should keep comments like that to yourself. larger people have enough problems without the old youve got such a pretty face for a fat person.
    you are a pig.

  2. I agree, to say that Gabourey needs to lose weight, but it’s ok, you can still act ok. What is wrong with you? Skinny people are not better than fatter ones, and they are not more beautiful. I thought she wore a wonderful dress, great color and good style. You didn’t even comment on any of those things, just her weight. Just because hollywood celebrates the anorexic view of femininity does not mean we need to or should continue this disgusting theme.
    Please rethink your stance on the overweight; or at least rethink your idea of beauty.

  3. I agree Gabourey was awesome in Precious but she is so fat she looks like she’d pop if you stuck her with a needle. Being that obese is hugely unhealthy, please don’t defend it. I hope she loses the weight bacause she is a tremendous talent.

  4. I thought Gabby looked lovely. I do wish that she had worn her hair up for this occasion though. I am sorry that you could not see past her weight, perhaps you need to start losing some of your predjudices. This world would be a lot nicer of a place for all of us if we started looking for the beauty in things in stead of forcing our hatred on things we don’t agree with.

    Who are you to tell anyone that they need to lose weight? Do you think that those of us that are overweight don’t know it, or struggle with it or live with it every second of our lives? Well, thank the good lord that there are people like you that don’t mind letting us know, we would have never thought of that!!!!!!!!!

    Gabby put out an oscar nominated heartfelt performance that has touched people all over the world and will be the inspiration for millions of young girls ……. what have you done, except point out that because she is big that she should be on the worst dressed list? Thank you and shame on you!!!!!!

  5. I agreed with you. Sandy was the best pretty women in Oscar 2010. however, Kait wensilt always a queen. I love her too much

  6. You have got to be kidding about George – he looked terrible and his GF’s dress didnt fit….they looked like bad Eurotrash.

  7. I thought this was a best and worst DRESSED list, not best and worst FIGURES. Gabourey’s dress is stunning and flatters her figure and skin tone. You can still be a larger lady and dress well! Comments on celeb’s body weight is surely whole different topic. x

  8. It’s told Sandra Bullock was found on a website named hottieonly,com. Some of her fans got her albums there recently.

  9. Gaboury is morbidly obese. That is a fact. She would do well to lose some weight and Tracy CAN see past that weight because she applauded her as an actress. The world over needs to stop defending health issues like obesity because it IS something that can be controlled, prevented, and stopped. No one said she has to be skinny. Everyone should say she needs to work on her health, as do all of us.

  10. I agree Gabby shud loose some weight, forget about vanity,its simply not healthy to be that big, but to judge her on her weight and not her dress, which fitted her well and looked classy compared to some of the anoreix, botoxed bitches walking the carpet is just horrible,you should be ashamed

  11. I can definitely see her past her weight. I did mention her as a great actress in her portrayal in Precious. Her obesity is beyond the normal one. As I have said, she would have looked more beautiful in her dress if she had lose some fats.

    Dress cannot stand alone. It exists with the way the person carry it and that includes the figure too. This was just my opinion. Each one of us is entitled to our own opinions.

  12. Gaboury is looking very well…. apart of the usless weight comments ,,,, she had handled every thing so well. The blue dress with those down drapes carried her very well and the diagonally crossed flowery sqential arrangements up from the waist line and the other down the shoulder are giving her a confined and glamrous look. The blue played its magic on her personality and complexion. Bravo!

  13. It nhas bee said that beauty is only skin deep.Ugly is to the bone. I think that you might fit in the latter catagory. Gabby looks beautiful and just from listening to some of her interviews seems to have a beauty that goes much deeper. Shame on you for insulting her on her most special day.

  14. all those who preach fat is good, lets hope you put that to practice- marry a fat girl / man and then post picture here ..else shut up and get off the moral high ground

  15. The point is, that she wore her dress well… The fact that she is not what you would consider a “healthy weight” is beside the point. I agreee that the dress cannot stand alone. It must be worn with pride and optimum style, class and grace. Such as the way Gabby wore hers. What use is it to have a “hollywood body” and wear a dress that is gorgeous and gaudy for that matter, and still carry yourself like trash? Gabby is a beautiful lady, and she wore her beautiful dress like a queen. She’s not hollywood fake, but she is gorgeous in her own right, like it or not, most people could stand to lose some weight, but you really need to get over it. If you could see past weight you would never have said anything about it, you would have complemented her style and grace and kept it moving…

  16. Dug,

    You’re disgusting… if you don’t want to see a real person, move to a wax museum. Everyone is not going to fit into your cute little mold. Get over it.

  17. Are you also forgetting that Gabby played the role of Precious? If any of you have seen the movie or read the book Push, you should know that Precious Jones is supposed to be “morbidly obese.” Gabby has extraordinary talent and should be recognized for that. Sure, her weight is unhealthy, but what does that have to do with her talent? Nothing, so butt out. She looked wonderful in her dress.

  18. Yes, I think the weight comment was in poor taste. However, people pointing out thin people as being anorexic is just as bad. Not everyone who is thin is anorexic. Anorexia is a SERIOUS disease. To throw it around like it’s a joke or a slight is just as bad as making a comment that Gabby would be better looking if she were thinner. While I agree that a lot of stars would look better with more or less weight, we shouldn’t constantly try to defend one side while putting down another. I am thin. I do eat. I have a nice figure. I am not anorexic. Gabby is beautiful at any weight and is extremely talented. Get over the weight thing. Thin people get a lot of negativity that people think is okay like picking on this beautiful woman for being over the weight of an average person her height and age.

  19. Gabourey looked wonderful in her dress! I thought she was absolutely stunning. Tracy, why don’t you post a picture of yourself so that we can all rag on your imperfections.

  20. “Sorry Gabourey but you should start losing those fats. Had she shed some of those fats, she would have looked more beautiful with her dress.” That’s terrible!!!! You’re supposed to be commenting on her CLOTHING not her BODY. You might say that she could have picked a more flattering dress but that comment was uncalled for and rude. You picked her as worst dressed for her body not what she was actually wearing.

  21. Who ever wrote this article is a terrible and shallow person and you should be ashamed of yourself for talking like this about Gabourey Sidibe. She is amazingly sweet person and beautiful beyond what eyes can see.

  22. This was a really poorly written article in general. Remember you’re supposed to be talking about their clothes. How George Clooney signed his autographs or how Gabourey Sidibe should lose her “fats”, (did you mean to say: “She should lose weight?), really have little to do with their actual garments. But this is possibly my favourite line: ” Despite his old age, George Clooney was still a favorite of movie fanatics.” My God, somebody get that man a walking frame before his knees give out! His well-dressed GF can’t support him!

    Let’s see, poor command of english, particularly the use of plural. Fairly shallow comments about weight. Referring to a 49-year-old man as “old”. Yep, I’d say this was written by a 13 year old.

  23. You little snot!
    Not only do you never mention Gabourey’s dress, (which is what I thought this article was about; wardrobe), but you had the NERVE to bring her down JUST because of her weight?! She was easily one of the better dressed there.
    You even had the guts to demote yourself even more by using improper grammar (“start losing those fats” Really? Really? Fats? Really?)
    You are a shallow, mindless runt

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