White iPhone 4 Delayed Until Late This Year

This news could have broke the hearts of those people looking forward for the arrival of this White iPhone 4. Apple has just announced that the release of the White iPhone 4 would delayed until late this year. The reason behind is that the manufacturing process has become more challenging that what they expected.

They didn’t release a detailed information about this so called challenge that they are talking about. White iPhone 3Gs encountered problems with its casing wherein white cracks are appearing. So they are making sure that this White iPhone 4 wont encounter the same.

Whatever reasons they have for the delay, they won’t release the device until everything would be fixed. Another thing that they assured, the delay of the release of the White iPhone 4 will not affect the availability of the black one.

Apple has just face an antenna problem with its black iPhone 4 and for sure they would see to it that the white version won’t have it as well.

White iPhone 4 fans should stretch their agony a little more. Updates about this topic will be posted.

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