White iPhone 4 Delay Might Be Due to Antenna Fixing

Every iPhone fan has been dying to know what has been happening why up to this very time Apple has been holding the release of their much awaited White iPhone 4. It has been announced by Apple that White iPhone 4’s release would be delayed until late this year.

The reason that they are delaying the release basically because their are fixing some sort of manufacturing problem. They are saying they didn’t expect that it would be this challenging. Whatever it is, it seems that not all Apple enthusiasts are buying the explanation. There has been speculations that Apple is making sure that the White iPhone 4 won’t experience the antenna problems that the black one had.

Apple didn’t give any comment about all these and still sticking to their explanation. In fact, Apple released a downloadable app Friday that allows iPhone 4 customers to get a free bumper that’s designed to protect the phone from the thing that hinders antenna performance.

The promised cases to solve the antenna problems has been released wholeheartedly as well as refunds to those who purchased before the problem burst out.

Apple surely be up to something great with all these delays. They can’t afford to have another problem this time. They need to have the White iPhone 4 perfect.

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