What’s Your Vote on the Health Care Bill Text by Senate?

After much time for waiting, a draft of the Senate Health Care Bill was made available to the public for Americans to vote. As such, a lot of Americans are now looking for the full text of the Health Care Bill.

Obama is keen on passing this Health Care Bill to help millions of Americans with their health care expenses. With today’s rising costs of health insurance, a lot of Americans cannot afford a decent health insurance adding it to their day-to-day expenses is a burden for them.

The new Health Care Bill shows that the Congressional Budget Office would need to spend $940 billion but reduce the deficit by $138 billion over 10 years. Now, this bill has come to a close opposition by the Republicans arguing that it may hamper or delay the recovery of the US economy from the recent recession with such a huge expenses which will definitely be shouldered by tax payers.

Among the highlights of the Health Care Bill includes the following:

– There will be a standard health insurance for all Americans. Americans who are used to be uninsured individuals will now get health care insurance with the same benefits as the rest of the population.

– The Health Care Bill proposes to have a pool of people, millions of Americans would all buy into these pool to give them more negotiating power in terms of health care costs. It’s like a wholesale of health insurance same as that of the health insurance coverage given by most companies as benefits to their employees.

– In addition, the Health Care Bill proposes to offer tax credits for those Americans who still cannot afford health care costs.

In my own opinion, I think the issue here is the huge costs that the Congressional Budget Office would have to spend vis-a-vis the recovery of the US economy. Added to that is the possibility of a monopoly of the chosen health insurance company killing the businesses of other health care insurance firms which may lead to unemployment of many Americans working in these sectors. Furthermore, rich Americans would probably oppose it too as they want a more personalized health care insurance suitable to their needs.

What do you think about this new Health Care Bill being passed by the Senate? If you have the power to vote on this bill, what would be your vote? Are you pro or against it?

To better think about your vote,  you can find the FULL TEXT of the Health Care Bill here.

Here is a youtube video I found entitled “The Cost of Inaction”


7 thoughts on “What’s Your Vote on the Health Care Bill Text by Senate?

  1. The Health Care Bill being “pushed” by the Democrats is totally unacceptable by the people of the United States. It is time for the Senators and Representatives in Washington to listen to the people and VOTE NO on this bill. We do not need this type of health care reform. This is all a “power struggle” between the Democrats and the Republicans. If they want to pass health care reform, they should first come to the people ans see what reform we want, not what power play they can make. All of our representation is Washington should be replaced, starting with the President and working right on down. No one is being represented except the selfish and power hungry politicians who have no regard for the purpose of their election.

  2. If it’s not good enough for the congress and the president and his family why is it forced down “mine”? Oh and by the way, why are all states not mandiated for participation? If it’s good for one it should be good for all {persons and states} that is.

  3. It is a sad thing to see women fight for the right to murder their own babies. It is an unholy practice whether you believe in God or not. Don’t take MY tax money to pay to murder little kids whose only sin is their mothers don’t want to be inconvenienced or don’t like the sex of the baby.

    On top of that, this has been the most corrupt, dishonest procedure i have ever seen and I have been around a long time.

    Everyone knows that health care needs fixing, but how stupidly wrong it is totry to do it all at the same time. This bill doesn’t even have the most important changes in it. There is nothing on tort reform, stillcan’t buy insurance in another state.

    Tell me how is it we can add all these people to the ionsurance rolls without also adding doctors to treat them? Don’t you realize that is going to lead to rationing? You have eyes to read and ears to hear and yet you still don’t understand how unfeasible the whole thing is. Taxes WILL go up! How do I know? Because I just read it in the bill. Quit yammering about how good it is and actually read how bad it is. It needs to be scrapped and start over pme area at a time. Nobody is against health care reform, just THIS health care reform.

  4. This is the first step on a long road of healthcare for all.
    As one pointed out this is job creation for we will need more healthcare providers.I just can’t believe that you would want to exclude people because the line would be to long.
    The pool of people would be able to purchase the same Ins.as your representative,of course you pay for theirs with your taxes.
    If they did what the people want there would be a public option.

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