What’s Your Reaction to Kevin Garnett’s Ejectment in Game 2 of NBA Playoffs?

It was a sad day for Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett. The game 2 of the first round of the 2010 NBA Playoffs between Boston Celtics and Miami Heat had him ejected.

Accordingly, Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett was ejected because he landed his elbow in the face of Miami Heat’s Quentin Richardson in the fourth quarter with 40 seconds left in Boston’s 85-76 win in Game 1.

NBA Referee released a statement after the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat basketball game match saying:  “Kevin Garnett was ejected for throwing an elbow that made contact with Quentin Richardson. He had already had one technical foul for taunting with Quentin Richardson before that. Then as the altercation went on, he threw an elbow that did make contact with Richardson, which was his second technical foul and he was ejected.”

The said ejectment of Kevin Garnett for game 2 was announced by NBA executive vice president for basketball operations Stu Jackson. Richardson was then ordered to fine $25,000 for his role.

Chicago Bulls forward Joakim Noah said Kevin Garnett deserves whatever punishment he is undergoing since he’s a dirty player. What’s your reaction to Kevin Garnett’s ejectment?

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