What’s the Truth Behind Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Split?

It has been said that in the world of show business, marriage is hard to maintain. Lucky for you if you are a famous actor or actress who was able to maintain a long lasting relationship with your partner because in most cases, marriage will not be successful because of the fame, temptation, and money that this career can bring.

Sandra Bullock is no exception to this fact with her troubled marriage which might lead to a split with her husband Jesse James. With her starring role at “The Blindside” winning her the most coveted Best Actress Award in the recently concluded Oscars Awards 2010, the news about her marriage is currently one of the hottest gossip topics.

Accordingly, his husband Jesse James is cheating on her with a mistress named Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee. McGee claimed that she and Jesse James carried on an affair while he was married to Sandra Bullock. It was also said that Jesse James did this while Sandra Bullock is filming the movie “The Blindside”.

What’s the truth behind these rumors? Did Sandra Bullock and Jesse James split because of the rumored illicit affair of Jesse with this Michelle McGee? As of the latest updates, there’s no official confirmation yet from the couple.

However, personally, I am saddened with this news. One happy family might again collapse because of infidelity issues. Well, it seems that this is the trend in show business just like in the case of Tiger Woods but I hope that Sandra Bullock’s marriage would be saved. She does not deserve to be treated that way.

3 thoughts on “What’s the Truth Behind Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Split?

  1. Sandra Best Wishes To You My Heart Goes Out To You.

    I Admire Your Work And You Are A Awesome Person Who Deserves The Best That Life Has To Offer. I Hope Your Sadness Is Multiplied With Many Many Joys In The Nearest Future.

    Lots Of Love

    One Of Your Greatest Fans ! ! !

  2. I think Jesse James is an ass! Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress and she’s a wonderful, kind loving person! She deserves way better then him! Let him have his “Skank” of a girlfriend! She needs a gentlemen to treat her like the wonderful person she is!!

  3. She’s terrific beautiful, kindly, fabulous, incredible, lovely, bewitching, enchanting, glamorous sexy actress…
    (it’s posted by each of our isexbar.com team)

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