What Was Teresa Giudice Thinking?

What was the bankrupt real housewife of New Jersey thinking? Or maybe the real problem lies right there — that she and her husband were not thinking at all? Uh-oh… this could seriously hurt their bankruptcy case.

I mean who in their right minds would go on a shopping spree and spend “$8,800 on curtains and some $45,000 for wall hangings, mirrors, frames, urns, chairs and tables” just a few days after filing for bankruptcy? Apparently, the Giudices would.

If my memory serves me right (and I know it does) Teresa and Joe Giudice filed for bankruptcy saying Joe’s real estate investments turned sour because of the recession which is why they are unable to pay the $10.85 million they owe to creditors.

To go on this shopping spree just days after filing for bankruptcy, and giving the whole reality TV-land the dilemma of whether to feel sorry for them or to chastise them for being so financially irresponsible (read: living way beyond their means), is really nothing but plain preposterous. Oh well, it involves Teresa Giudice, so it should not come as a surprise anymore.

One thought on “What Was Teresa Giudice Thinking?

  1. Well it all kind of makes sense. After the first $8 million debt there is no way in hell you’re ever going to pay back that stuff, so what’s an extra $60 000 on champagne, a couple of curtains and an all you can eat at Vito’s Lobster house down the road?

    Let’s hope unlike her pal- Danielle Staub who’ll probably be forced to put out another sex tape (to stay afloat) now that she got fired that Teresa stays in the producer’s good graces ohterwise it’s going to be a long time before Teresa drops another $48 million on a lobster roll and trinkets.


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