What Now King James?

Rumors are abuzz that NBA free agent Lebron James might not be staying in Cleveland after all. Prior to news that Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are committing to join the Miami Heat, most of us have thought that James was staying with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Speculations were strong that all the wheeling and dealing with other teams was just a marketing strategy cooked up by team LeBron but he will eventually stay in his hometown.

Now that Wade and Bosh are playing together in Miami, it would make sense to add another star to the equation to complete Pat Riley’s own version of his “Big Three”. The two stars can make the Heat a stronger team but it does not make them legitimate contenders.

Tonight we will find out how all this drama turns out to be. James has scheduled a one-hour TV special with ESPN to finally announce his decision.

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant never resorted to hyping the media like this. What made them great players is that they have enough rings to fill up fingers in one hand. Jordan has an extra ring on his other hand.

How many NBA rings does King James have? Sooner or later, he could win a ring or two. Dwayne Wade could win one for him because D-Wade knows what it takes to win a championship.

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