What is Pulmonary Congestion?

After learning about Corey Haim’s death, which according to some news, was caused by a Pulmonary Congestion, a lot of people became more curious as to what pulmonary congestion is.

Pulmonary Congestion, according to a medical dictionary, is “caused by engorgement of the pulmonary vascular bed and it may precede pulmonary edema when the intravascular fluid escapes into the parenchyma and the alveoli. There is a loss of air space and the development of respiratory embarrassment.”

Now that sounds very technical and for some average people like us who are not in the medical field, it’s hard to understand. In a nutshell, Pulmonay Congestion involves the build up of fluids in the lungs which can cause suffocation of the patient. Due to the increased accumulation of fluid in the lungs, the patient may suffer a congestive heart failure which can lead to his or her death.

Symptoms of Pulmonary Congestion includes difficulty in breathing, anxiety, and for some severe cases, coughing up with blood. Unlike Mesothelioma which is hard to detect since doctors need to do a biopsy, Pulmonary Congestion can easily be detected by just using X-Ray which can clearly show fluid build up in the lungs.

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