What Do You Think of Jamie Jungers as Howard Stern Tiger Woods Beauty Pageant Winner?

The winner was already announced and it was Jamie Jungers, a Las Vegas cocktail waitress, who got the prize as the Howard Stern Tiger Woods Beauty Pageant Winner taking home with her the prize money of $100,000 together with a diamond ring featuring a “3-carat round black diamond in the center with another half carat in diamonds around it.”

Talk show host Howard Stern, recently had a beauty pageant contest on all Tiger Woods’ mistresses. The contestants were judged on three categories namely swimsuit, personality, and talent and was sponsored by a dating site named AshleyMadison.com

It was said that there were a total of 4 contestants who participated in the said beauty contest and that one of them was Loredana Jolie who was declared as a runner up.

I really don’t know what’s the idea behind this contest from Howard Stern. Tiger Woods is about to change his life as expressed in his recent public apology speech but Howard Stern is trashing all that exposing once again the causes of Tiger Woods’ career falldown.

Well, I guess this was just one of the latest moves of Howard Stern to create a buzz once again as he was accustomed to. Should I say congratulations to Jamie Jungers? Or probably shame on her for being one of the objects of Tiger Woods’ fall?

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