Whale Smashed Yacht: Boat Riders Narrate Story

Whale Smashed Yacht: Boat Riders Narrate Story – Have you ever experience having a peaceful boat ride along the waters in South Africa, when suddenly a huge whale just smashed your yacht? Well, if you haven’t, this was what happened recently to¬† couple named Paloma Werner and Ralph Mothes as they sailed¬† in the waters off Cape Town.

The whale that struck them was a South Right Whale. South Right Whales used to migrate from the waters around Antarctica to the tip of South Africa every year to breed and feed. Unfortunately, it crossed their path causing damage to their boat’s steel mast and cabin.

Mothes told MSNBC: “I don’t think it will hit us it is still very far away, we will just keep going.’ And before you knew it, the next thing, there it was, and that photograph that was taken, somebody on the catamaran behind us, it was on a collision course.”

Below is a video of the whale incident in South Africa:


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