World Cup 2010 Semi-finals: Netherlands vs Uruguay

Uruguay vs Netherlands, the first World Cup 2010 semifinals match happens today 14:30 EDT at the Green Point Stadium, Cape Town. Before the match later today there had been match of a fuzz already from both teams.

Uruguay’s manager Oscar Tabarez had a bad day with the media as they have crushed their closed door training on a “handball court.” Seems like a little weird to me that they are practicing in such a court the more they want to keep it a secret. Anyway, Tabarez would not be releasing the lineup for today’s match.

Meanwhile, Netherlands themselves admitted that they have a big problem with their ego and overconfidence. They said that usually after a big win they tend to believe so much in themselves and forgot about the other team’s capacity. Well, that is a first step and perhaps that would not happen today.

Netherlands and Uruguay will face off for a slot in the World Cup 2010 finals. Uruguay now is the lone hope of South America and surely they have the entire South American fans with them. Diego Maradona will surely watch this match since his protegee, Diego Forlan will be the man to watch for Uruguay.

Both teams did not lose in the World Cup 2010 although Uruguay has one draw with France and Netherlands had greater number of goals at 9 against Uruguay’s 7.

So who will win? The tale of the tape, the previous games and how it ended all points to a win by Netherlands in this semifinals. Yes, I know I had been wrong 3 times against 1 but am sure that does not prohibit me from making a prediction.

For your Uruguay vs Netherlands Live Stream Online you can visit or even,, and They will surely have an online live stream at their sites.

For now I will sit back and wait for the final results and then provide you with a Uruguay vs Netherlands post game analysis and video highlights.

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