South Park Episode 201: Comedy Central Censored Mohammed

South Park Studios has caught attention once more after they aired their latest episode, Episode 201. This is the 6th episode of the fourteenth season of South Park, and the 201st overall episode of the series.

Originally, Mohammed, the Islam Prophet is part of the scene. However, producers decided to censor the prophet’s face as well as his name all throughout the episode. In Islam, their Prophet’s name is of high regard and depicting him in anyway is prohibited. Some viewers were disappointed about censoring it. Quoted from a comment in a south park topic forum, “censoring Muhammad for the sake of a satirical poke at the hypocrisy that is freedom of speech, Matt and Trey missed an enormous opportunity to make statement that would have had more meaning and impact on the world then anything that have ever done or will ever do”. He added also in his comment paraphrasing a statement of the episode’s preview “If you don’t show Muhammed, then south park will be gone forever”. A counter reaction to his comment was then given and it says “i believe you are expecting too much from them though. Seriously, they are not trying to be social commentators. They are just there to make light of serious issues. They don’t ever try to make a point, they try to be funny.”


For those who were able to watch it in Comedy Central, feel free to share your reactions about the episode.

233 thoughts on “South Park Episode 201: Comedy Central Censored Mohammed

  1. No surprise. Trey and Matt folded like the liberal sissys they are. They make fun of all other religeons, but once they are threatened, they lose their arrogant smirks and cower in the corner like cowards. A lot of brave and valiant men and women fought and gave their lives for freedom. These clowns would throw it away in a second to save their asses. I am blocking Comedy Central.

  2. So what were the creators of South Park afraid of? They didnt hold back when it came to rideculing Jesus in the most despicable way. I guess that just goes to show that Christianity is the truely peaceful religion. They dont fight back or seek to kill those who who misrepresent or insult our Jesus.

  3. Eric, do you really think that Christianity is a peaceful religion? all i need to say is look at the crusades. even if you read the bible it says that god strikes down the foes of the religion. he killed armies just because they didn’t believe in him. also he destroyed entire cities just because they didn’t follow him. that doesn’t sound peaceful to me.

    1. jimi…of course, you are talking about the “crusades”, well over 700 years ago…Islam, and Muslims, are all about that, only bringing it up to TODAY…so, they are a cult that still practices the barbaric facets clear thru to today. So, Eric was correct, you are wrong.

  4. Jimi, that is by far a HORRIBLE example. First of all, the crusades were done in much different time then the one we’re in today. People had baser instincts, and the whole reason the crusades started were, surprise! The Muslims had taken over Jerusalem, the Holy Land. The crusades took the holy land back for the Jews. It was a retaliation, NOT an assault. On top of that, the Crusades were called for by the Pope, the head of “Catholicism,” which, contrary to popular belief is an entirely different religion than Christianity. Whereas basic Christianity sees God as the Father and head of the church, and Jesus as a completely separate entity as his son, Catholicism see’s God and Jesus as one entity, and they worship Mary as well. The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church.

    Furthermore, in the Christian Bible, God promises to *protect* his people, and lash out against his people’s (Jews) enemies. After the birth and subsequent death of Christ, we’ve entered an age of Grace, where God’s Promise (Eternity) is shared with those that will accept and do what is required to obtain it. Whereas before people were judged instantly, we’ve received the ability to atone and repent. It says in the bible that God is NOT the author of death, Satan is. Get your facts straight before throwing around accusations and words that have no foundation other then opinion.

    1. Chris, that Christianity is different from Catholicism is irrelevant. What it sounds like you are saying is that the Muslims had done something wrong. They had simply taken back the lands that they thought were sacred, as did the Christians during the crusades. Both were assaults. And in your rebuttal of jimi, you called his statement pure opinion, which is not true. jimi was stating that the murder of Muslims during the crusades was neither Christian nor peaceful. Christianity is for the most part a peaceful religion, but as it has been demonstrated by the Inquisition, and by the Lutheran witch trials, Christianity can be as violent and irrational as radical Islam.
      We must also take into account that Islam is a newer religion, more than 400 years younger than Christ, and thousands of years younger than the Old Testament. Violence is as much a part of Islam as it is Christianity.

    2. Follow-up:

      No, what you say isn’t regular Protestantism either, but non-trinitarian, which is a minority position within Christianity.

  5. Now chris I’d like to remind you christians did all sorts of other slaughters in the history of mankind in name of religion.
    such as for example killing everyone who didn’t feel like becoming a christian.
    This was the christian and later on the muslim way of gathering absurd power.
    (A method only the jews never took, making the jewish religion the least common by far)

    However, the massive slaughters done by both christians and muslims worldwide were on the a time where god was the one and only truth and democracy wasn’t anywhere to be found.

    as such you can easily blame it on the religious leaders for their attempt, and success, in gathering power through war.

    As time passed religious wars are once again becoming less popular and it’s back for wars merely for the sake of power.

    sadly the muslims have never gotten past the dark ages and ARE STILL “thinking” (because we all know muslims can’t think) that they are supposed to take over the world for their violent religion.

    immigration is the new weapon and their immigration to Israel after the turkish empire fell and the jews started developing the place has worked like charm
    and as we can easily see today they now claim their tribe existed there while we know for fact that they immigrated from jordan and egypt.
    (both countries later on abandoned them and refuse to take them back, they too believe that these people are terrorists and nothing good will ever come out of them)
    but facts never stopped muslims from lying over and over until people started buying their lies.

    And well those who buy muslim lies have to pay for buying them.
    we now see how europe is filled with “sleeping cells” of muslims
    huge ones, ready for action, and they have already shown their power.

    world war 3 is upon us and the muslims will start it hoping they can take over the world.

    1. um wow?? seriously you are really just reading into way too much. I know everyone has their own opinion and all, but wow, wow, and wow. what have you been smoking?
      you seriously think that Muslims want to take over the world? maybe its you that wants to take over the obviously lack knowledge of Muslim history and therefore cant even begin to comprehend what values they believe in. Just because SOME Muslims are talking about that they need to kill for god are just completely insane and are just a bunch of lairs. all they want to do is kill and carry out their plan. what if a bunch of Catholics or Christians or whoever started to kill others and started giving out excuses about their faith and or the bible or how god somehow spoke to them. We would all think that Christians or Catholics or whoever are insane and want to take the world over . well, America might not think that, but the rest of the world would. but i guess this is Americas way of thinking about everything. as soon as a small group does something the whole race or religion needs to be bashed on.

    2. a small group? holy balls, muslims are fucking huge. and the anti-christ is gonna be muslim. world war three is coming because of those douche-bags.

  6. Okay, whole heartedly, I have to agree with Chris. What he said in his last paragraph I have to agree with because that is in the bible. There’s even proof because Jesus said something in the Bible (I don’t remember which chapter) about in Judgement day he will put ALL people who don’t beleive in him on earth without the Christians, because they’re going to heaven, the atheists will live on earth and it will be literally, hell on Earth.

  7. WOW u guys r taking a simple south park episode and turning it into a frickin debate about religion. What will arguing with a stranger about south park help you with? You guys have problems if this is how you wanna show your views on religion

  8. if your a muslim extreneist read this do you thnk allah would be happy with you by threatening to kill people but everybody who threatened those two people that shouldnt of shown muhammad in the first place i mean muhammed didnt want to be shown so he wouldnt be worshipped well noone is worshipping him but i would bet anyone there is at least one picture of him that no one knows about but because of you people i cant watch this episodei hope your happy about were your going why cant we all just live in peace

  9. Yes, everyone in the country has freedom of speech. However, sometimes respect for another culture is more important than the rights of a person. South Park should never have depicted The Prophet Muhammad in the first place. It’s more than offensive to the Muslim people. They have a reason for prohibiting this. The pagans idolized their Gods. They do not want to do the same with Allah and The Prophet or anyone else at that matter. It is for this reason the Qu’ran prohibits, not just Mohammad, but the depiction of any important, religious being in their history.

    To depict Mohammad in a stupid, ignorant cartoon is like Going into Church pushing the Priest or Pastor or whoever is speaking aside to curse God or Christ. Or going into a Temple and pushing the Rabbi aside to Curse God or Moses or Abraham.

    And the Muslim extremists are not true Muslims, either. A true Muslim who follows the word of God and his Qu’ran would not kill, or threaten to kill, anyone. But it is still smart of Comedy Central to avoid causing a conflict. Who knows who could get injured becaue of their stupid, ignorant cartoon.

    Sometimes it’s more important to put you’re feelings or beliefs or opinions aside.

    1. Southpark already depicted Muhammed in a previous episode, “Super Best Friends” in season 5, which was way before Episodes 200 and 201.

      Southpark leaves nothing sacred. Period. If you have a problem with it, then don’t watch it.

      Seriously though, the reason why religion is made fun of so much is because it is incredibly easy to do it. All religions are quite stupid and funny without people making fun of it, Southpark just makes it even more funny. =)

  10. South park has ridiculed and made fun of pretty much everything else. Asians, blacks, mexicans, native americans, canadians, jews, jesus, gingers, celebrities, and so on. Yet somehow the muslims fucked everything up by getting all butthurt about their precious religion. They dont give a shit about anything else. Fuck muslims. I dont see any of the other episodes getting shut down because someone of a certain ethnicity or religion crying about it.

  11. South park… has made fun of everything under the sun. EVERYTHING. From asians all the way down the alphabet to zebras. I don’t see any other group threatening to kill matt and trey because they made fun of them. What the fudge, muslims. Welcome to the new age, we don’t fudging kill people because they don’t agree with our views anymore. Grow the hell up and keep that shit in your own countries.

  12. how about this… EFF all the poonanny ass muslims who made a threat against matt and trey, for real. Its was all good back in the day now you decide to be all retarded about it… thanks a lot bin laddin look what you did you made all your people retarded.. i dont have anything against cool muslims who are simply like “no big deal” but to all you crazy ass’s chill the beeatch out. they make fun of my religion and EVERYONE ELSES! what gives you the right to be little pansys about it and have a GOD DAMN tantrum over it. THEY MAKE FUN OF EVERYONE! its a cartoon remember that.. damn you guys suck. making fun tv shows like this that I grew up watching have to not be able to do exactly what they make fun of networks for… cool muslims, your awesome on the real. pansy ass muslims. F*** off and dont watch the show if your gonna cry about it. SHEEEIT

  13. I’m not a big South Park fan but I know nothing is sacred as far as who they ridicule. When they made fun of Scientology, Isaac Hayes (a Scientologist) left the show after that so they had to write his character (Chef) off. I’ve seen episodes where they’ve made fun of Christianity as well. When Comedy Central chose to censor them when they made fun of Mohammed, that’s a very telling statement. They must fear some type of backlash or retaliation, otherwise, why weren’t the other “religious mockery” episodes censored as well. That probably stems from Islam being associated with attacks and bombings when you usually hear about it in the media. I’d assume the majority of popular religions are centered around benevolence and positivity and I can’t knock anyone for pursuing what they feel is the proper path to getting closer to The Most High. I’m no scholar on any particular religion so I can’t say which is evil (except things that fall under the classification of the Occult). If that said religion is focused on enlightenment and positivity, then it is the people’s interpretation of it that is evil; not the religion itself. I feel guns are necessary in this day and age but I don’t feel they are evil if you only seek to defend instead of offend.

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