Watch Lady Gaga’s Latest Music Video “Telephone” Here

Ever since Lady Gaga did a music video, she always catch the attention of her viewers because of its weird uniqueness. Every time she’s going to do a new one, Gaga fanatics are going “gaga” just to see it. From Poker Face to Bad Romance and now the latest Telephone.

The Telephone music video has been so controversial this past few months because it is not only unique but it also features two great artists of this time. Lady Gaga is performing with Beyonce. In this video you can have a full view of Gaga’s lovely face. Some are saying that the video is a mess but most of Gaga fans are completely amazed to it. Comments both nice and not nice are coming out everywhere. One thing is for sure, the video was done with a lot of efforts and showcased an inborn talent. This video is a work of art done by not only Lady Gaga and Beyonce but also with people behind the camera who are part of also of its success.

Here is the video and you may judge it yourself.


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