Walmart Fire Forces Evacuation

Walmart Fire Forces Evacuation – a Walmart in Brevard County was evacuated on Wednesday morning, after a fire broke out at the McDonald’s restaurant inside the store. The fire started at about 9:20 a.m. at the Walmart at 8500 N. Wickham Road.

According to the reports of Brevard County Fire Rescue, there was a power outage at the store, and McDonald’s employees discovered the fire, which started at the UPS power back-up system being used for the computers, when power was restored.

Employees used fire extinguishers to fight the blaze until fire crews arrived.Fire officials said that the fire was contained to a work area that stored computers and paperwork. Brevard County Fire Rescue crews made use of fans to ventilate smoke from the store, which was evacuated.

The store’s manager said that the store was closed for about an hour. The McDonald’s will remain closed Wednesday for an investigation and clean up.

Representatives from the Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants were at the scene to assess the damage, which is estimated about $25,000.

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