Wallis Simpson’s Jewelry for Sale

Theirs was a love story that will be in the history books forever. He was Britain’s King and she was a twice-divorced American socialite who made his heart skip a beat, so to speak.

His love for her was greater than any royal crown or title and he proved this to her, and the whole world, by abdicating the throne so he could marry her.

Such is the love story of King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, but the story did not end with his abdication and their marriage. He continued to shower her with lavish gifts all throughout their days together.

This November, the jewels bought by Edward VIII for his wife Wallis Simpson will be sold at an Auction by Sotheby’s. They are expected to fetch up to $4.55 million as this collection has been part of the couple’s lives and official functions as Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and therefore carry great historical value.

Sotheby’s Jewelry expert, David Bennett, aptly describes its historical value saying, “They document one of the greatest love affairs.”

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