Wade, Bosh Join Forces In Miami

Dwayne Wade and former Toronto Raptor Chris Bosh have committed to signing up with the Miami Heat. These two All-Stars with firepower and drawing power are now expected to end years of frustration for the Heat and Wade since they last won an NBA Championship in 2006.

It is highly doubtful that Wade and Bosh can deliver the Heat deep into the finals. They can probably take the team deeper into the playoffs but to actually win another NBA title may seem far-fetched.

Unlike the Chicago Bulls or Cleveland lineup that has talent in its supporting cast, Wade and Bosh do not have anyone else in Miami. How else will they fare against an intact LA Lakers team?

Adding LeBron James to the Miami equation may do the trick. There is still a possibility if only James can forget about his ego and really focus on an NBA ring.

For the meantime, Wade and Bosh can keep running their two-man game and fall short of an NBA title again next season.

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