Victoria Azarenka In Frightening Collapse At US Open 2010

10th seed Victoria Azarenka was trailing in the first set 1-5 against Gisela Dulko. Installed as one of the favorites, Azarenka was apparently not playing her usual game. The hot weather at Flushing Meadows has caused so much discomfort on players for the last few days. What happened next during a rally was unexpected and a scary sight for spectators.

Azarenka staggered and fell on the court, prompting her trainer and Dulko to rush to her. She was pulled out of the hard court on a wheel chair and rushed to the hospital, with speculations that she could no longer stand the heat of midday.

It was later revealed that Azarenka hurt herself while warming up in the gym. She was doing some sprints when she banged her head and arm before the game. Medical staff monitored her condition during the game but it worsened as the match went on.

Results of tests done at the hospital showed that Azarenka suffered from a mild concussion.

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