Vibram Five Fingers Running Shoes Are In Demand Among Runners

Vibram Five Fingers Running Shoes Are In Demand Among Runners – Is running a part of your daily exercise? Do you usually participate in marathons? If so, then a nice pair of running shoes complements your running experience. How about running in bare feet? Did you ever experience it?

Running barefoot can lead to sore feet. However, if you want the “feeling of barefoot” while running, there is a brand of running shoes called Vibram Fivefingers that gives you the experience of running in bare feet. Tagged as the barefoot running shoes, Vibram Fivefingers  is a type of shoe manufactured by Vibram, an Italian shoe manufacturing company. Originally developed as a “barefoot alternative” for sailing and climbing, the footwear has thin, flexible soles that are contoured to the shape of the human foot, including visible individual sections for the toes.

Vibram advertises that use of the FiveFingers barefoot running shoes can actually strengthen muscles in the feet and legs, increase range of motion in ankle, and improve balance and posture. According to the study conducted by Harvard University about biomechanics, running barefoot tends runners to avoid landing on the heel and instead land with a forefoot or midfoot strike. This is found to decrease the discomfort from landing. Hence, feet injury is lessened.

With its success, Vibram Fivefingers was named by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions in 2007. To meet the increased demand from runners, Vibram plans to expand its operations to cover more locations. Currently, Vibram sells its barefoot running shoes from $75 to $125. A design named “Bikila” named after the famous barefoot runner Abebe Bikila, has been famous among runners since it has a sole designed for running in particular.

5 thoughts on “Vibram Five Fingers Running Shoes Are In Demand Among Runners

  1. Traditional running shoes atrophy the glutes. I dumped my Nikes for GistFiveToes. My Gists have brought my tone back, and I feel like I am connecting to the Earth when I run. After some more training, I am going to go completely barefoot. I tried others (Vibram & Five Fingers), but the zipper on the Gists makes them fit more snugly.

    Gists seem to be the only toe shoes that have a zipper, so they actually fit. They don’t fall off like some other five finger type shoes. I zip them up to keep the glop off my feet, but I unzip to wear them indoors. They are $50 without a promo code at

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  3. Through five fingers shoes of the 10 benefits
    1?An increased running speed – The results show that wear it and wear ordinary shoes than you can raise the rate of 4%
    2? blood circulation – wear it, every step of every part of your feet are different degrees of contact with the ground , more muscle tissue to the blood flowing through the venous system by the shock
    3? to reduce ankle sprain – the friction with the ground in direct contact with the process, reduce the torsion forces because of a sprained ankle suffered ankle happen
    4? reduce the appearance of the folder outside the tibia – shin outside the folder ( athletes in the long toe flexor strain , the phenomenon of pain along the shin bone ), iliotibial band syndrome and peri- patellar pain is a common disorder athletes . Running barefoot on the arch of the foot ( the bottom) increased use and increased soft tissue structures of the foot support for the work to increase the strength of the foot , reducing foot injury and the emergence of this disease .
    5? to reduce back pain – heel elevation to reduce the phenomenon of so hip back to their natural course , to reduce the load on lumbar facet joint .
    6 ?Strengthening the role of body experience – our feet can sense and transmit data in time to return to our brain , so that we can better address the challenging terrain .
    7 ?strengthen the muscles – if you do not use it , it will become very loose . Wear toe shoes to walk our foot muscles to strengthen .
    8 ?lower toe mucocele big risk – according to our traditional shoes with toes . Five fingers shoes slowly so that they extend and encourage the work of the big toe .
    9? optimal balance – a keen perception of the information timely feedback to the brain means that means better balance and faster response . This is important for the elderly and athletes .
    10 ?women like to correct deformed toes and heels , but has been wearing high heels will make their feet hurt and become deformed .

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