Verizon iPhone Release Date and Price Announced

Gadget fanatics most especially of the Apple iPhone are now looking for the release date of the most awaited latest installment of iPhone – the Verizon iPhone.

So what’s new with this Verizon iPhone? Accordingly, this new iPhone will run on 4G mobile networks. In addition, some of its features are more advance than the regular iPhone in that a CDMA version is being prepared by Apple to work with Verizon Wireless.

Accordingly, Verizon iPhones’ release date will be between the months of June and July this year. However, some news sites are claiming the date June 22, 2010 to be exact on the release date.

No one has confirmed the release date of the Verizon iPhone but the price of it will range between $400 to $500 per unit.

One thought on “Verizon iPhone Release Date and Price Announced

  1. About time! I am so excited the IPhone is coming to Verizon. My husband has one and we have more problems with his AT&T coverage that it drives us nuts.

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