Venus Raj Anticipated Becoming Nervous

Talk about mind over matter. In her post-Miss Universe pageant over-the-phone interview with a Philippine news network, Venus Raj admitted to having anticipated feeling nervous during the question and answer portion.

This, according to her, could have been the reason why she did get nervous and had a hard time trying to come up with a “more impressive” answer to Billy Baldwin’s question, which “pageant experts” are saying caused her to chances to win the crown and title of Miss Universe 2010 to dim.

Raj was among the early crowd favorites in this year’s pageant and was actually the only Asian to make it to the Top 5.

Unfortunately, she did not quite nail the answer to Billy Baldwin’s question. Some of her critics are even of the opinion that she was not able to answer Baldwin’s question at all.

My take is, she tried her best just like she promised but it is really very hard to think on your toes while trying to maintain poise and grace under pressure. So, let’s cut her some slack.

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