Valve Software Portal 2 is Here

Portal 2

Portal 2The wait is finally over. One of the most-awaited games of the year is now out on stores. Valve Software, the creator of the original Portal has released the sequel to their epic game and it’s now available for PCs, Xbox and PS3.

Portal 2 is a first-person adventure game of wits and carries with it the hilarious gameplay and brain-teasing puzzles of the first version.

As with the original, the player is still trapped in the abandoned Aperture Science laboratory and must find a way out by solving physics-inspired puzzles and teleporting using the portal gun.

GLaDOS, the diabolical super-computer mastermind, thought to have been killed in the first game, is back.

You won’t be alone this time, though. There is an expanded cast of characters including the friendly Wheatley.

The game retails at $54.99 for the console version while a downloadable copy is priced at $49.99.

Mac and PC users can purchase the game online and download it directly from Steam.

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