USA vs Canada Ice Hockey: The Final Match for Gold

This is it guys, the final match for gold in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Team USA will face Team Canada. This final game is much anticipated and everyone’s cheering for their favorite teams in Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks.

As of writing this post, the latest score is 2-1, in favor of Team Canada. Will Canada win this match? Or will USA be the champions of this final event? We’ll never know what will happen because there’s one period more before we can declare who really the winner is. I bet that Canada will win, but Team USA is tough and undefeated and they will never let Canada get on their way.

Historic, as others may see. But really, this game will be historic. If Canada can defeat USA this time, this will be the game that Team Canada will never forget and treasure forever. Canada trained hard for this final match and they are now giving their best to defeat the undefeated US team. Even if they are not leading in the overall medal count, they will cherish this victory if they will win.

To both teams, good luck and may the best team win for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics – Men’s Hockey Championship Game.

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