US International Airports Resume Services After Snowstorm

US International Airports Resume Services After Snowstorm – The three airports serving New York, JFK, La Guardia and Newark Liberty International Airport, have closed early Monday morning and they have reopened in the evening of the same day. Since the airports were closed Monday morning, many passengers have to camp out on floors in the terminals.

Airports have reopened in the north-eastern United States after snowstorms caused some 7,000 flights to be cancelled over the busy post-Christmas travel period. Services have now resumed into and out of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

The national rail operator Amtrak, which earlier shut its New York-Boston route, has announced a limited resumption of services.

Officials warn it could take days to clear the flight backlog for tens of thousands of stranded passengers. The blizzards had also disrupted rail and road traffic. Analysts say the storm and its aftermath could cost airlines up to $100.

However, forecasters are now expecting milder weather for the rest of the week, which could help in speeding up the clearing of snow. The US National Weather Service says the monster winter storm is the result of a low pressure system which originated off North Carolina.

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