US Elections 2010: Alaska Senate Race Results

US Elections 2010: Alaska Senate Race Results – There will surely be no proclaimed winner of the 2010 Alaska Senate race since the results are pointing to the victory of a “write-in” candidate which appears to be a vote for Alaska incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski, Murowski is leading with 41% of the votes with nearly 80% of the votes tallied.

Murkowski was followed by Republican candidate Joe Miller, 34% and coming at third is the Democratic candidate for Senator, Scott McAdams, However, since the vote for Murkowski in the Alaska Senate race results are considered as write-in votes, these votes should be checked and verified whether the votes are actually for Murkowski and if they are then she will be proclaimed as the winner.

Lisa Murkowski lost the Republican primaries after Sarah Palin and the Tea Party endorsed and supported her rival in the primaries Joe Miller. Despite losing the primaries, Murkowski continued with her campaign as a write-in candidate. If she wins then it will be the first time since 1954 that a write-in candidate has won a Senate seat.

It will be weeks before we can see a conclusion to the Alaska Senate race and we might see some formal protest coming in.

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