Uruguay vs Netherlands: Orange is the Color of Victory

The Netherlands defeated Uruguay in their semifinals match with 3 goals to 2. It was the sweetest victory ever as they came close to a possible repeat of the 1978 Germany vs Netherlands World Cup finals match. The field and the benches as well as the whole Deutschland was flooded with the color orange. It seems for many orange would be the color of victory this year as many anticipate their eventual win as champions of World Cup 2010.

Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder became the starts and power players of the Netherlands team. Clad in an all-orange team uniform the Netherlands swept pass through strong opponent and favorite Brazil. They defeated the five time World Cup champions, 2-1. Sneijder already had five goals in this World Cup while Robben has two. The two would be the man to watch during the finals scheduled on June 11 at Soccer City, Johannesburg.

Yesterday, disappointed orange travelers leave back for Holland after they have booked their ship ticket in advance saying that they have never anticipated that their team would perform this well. We are sure that if they had the chance they would never miss such a game. The travelers left Holland late May to travel miles across and give support to their international team.

Will the world be seeing more of the orange flood by the end of the finals on July 11? Will this be the official color of victory for the next couple of years until the next World Cup?

This remains to be seen but am sure that everyone in the team and in Deutschland wants this to happen.

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