Uruguay vs Germany 3rd Place Match in the 2010 World Cup

Watch Uruguay vs Germany Live Stream – World Cup 2010 [Third-placer]. After dismaying defeats in the World Cup 2010 semi-finals, the 2 losers will play each other in a generally regarded meaningless game. Controversial Uruguay and lightning-quick Germany will face each other to see who is number 3 in the world of football. This games starts at 20:30 local time and will be held in Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Uruguay reached this far by losing to Netherlands during the semi-finals. They beat Ghana in a controversial match during the quarterfinals where Luis Suarez destroyed the African dream of moving forward to the semifinals by having a handball during the game to save a goal from happening against their team. As a result, he acquired a red card but won the game during the penalty shootout. He is a hero at home but a villain in the whole world especially in Africa.

Germany in the mean while fell short and lost to mighty Spain 1-0 in the semifinals. Whatever happens in this game doesn’t change the fact that this German team is a strong one and a qualified one to be a champion if they had beaten the Spanish.

This game meaningless but more meaningful to Uruguay. However, Germany is much stronger so expect them to win this game.

The game starts at 20:30 local time (GMT +2) / 14:30 ET (GMT -4).

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