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Updates on Blackberry Torch Announcement

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Just as we write for this article, the folks at Blackberry are about to announce the all new Blackberry Torch to be announced this evening.

The all new Blackberry Torch is a more innovative kind of Blackberry.  If you are a Blackberry user and you are loving it now, then you most probably will get more in love with this new device.  Here’s why…

The Blackberry Torch is a touch-screen phone with a whole new operating system.  This should operate  using the all new BlackBerry OS 6 and this should be the new operating platform for the device.  That statement is just backed up by bloggers and tech specialists as they were just speculating on the new device.  But, if you want to be sure, then get updated with us as we fully unveil the facts and specs of the new BlackBerry Torch right after RIM’s announcement today.

So far, there is a lot of expectations with this new BlackBerry Torch.  It is a touch screen phone that should be expected to compete with Apple’s iPhone and other smartphones including the “Androids.”  Technically, pictures have surfaced as to what the new device should look like and yet it is a touch screen, BlackBerry’s signature qwerty keypads still stay intact as the phone slides to reveal the qwerty kepads for usage.

For now, it is said that the Blackberry Torch will be exclusive to AT&T and will be distributed in the US first, then the UK after.  More news will follow as to the specs of the new BlackBerry Torch specs, price, plans, features and release date.

More updates soon, keep subscribed to our blog for latest and up-to-date updates on the all new BlackBerry Torch.

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