Updated Philippine Election Results: President and Vice-President Tally

Philippine Election Results: Latest Partial Official Results Today. The Philippines is undergoing a new era in its government system.  The country has been under President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for 2 Presidential terms and now the people of the Philippine Islands are very excited to experience new leadership.

The country though has undergone many violent events regarding political incidences and clan sabotages.  As of now, it is reported that 5 PCOS systems in Iloilo province were sabotaged and burnt.

Here’s latest official tally of who is leading in the Presidential and Vice Presidential race in the Philippine Elections as of 7:30 AM Philippine Time:

Partial and Official COMELEC Philippine Election Results (about 71% of polling precincts)
Presidential Race
1. AQUINO, Benigno Simeon III C. 10,527,696 (40.58%)
2. ESTRADA EJERCITO, Joseph M. 6,665,960 (25.72%)
3. VILLAR, Manuel Jr B. 3,626,442 (13.85%)
4. TEODORO, Gilberto Jr. C. 2,766,266 (10.63%)
5. VILLANUEVA, Eduardo C. 795,470 (3.10%)
6. GORDON, Richard J. 389,374 (1.54%)
7. ACOSTA, Vetellano S. 114,657 0.52%
8. PERLAS, Jesus Nicanor P 35,357 (0.13%)
9. MADRIGAL, Jamby A. 31,794 (0.12%)
10. DE LOS REYES, John Carlos G. 29,339 (0.11%)
Vice Presidential Race
1. BINAY, Jejomar C. 10,451,007 (40.48%)
2. ROXAS, Manuel A. 9,601,411 ( 36.93%)
3. LEGARDA, Loren B. 2,720,422 (10.40%)
4. FERNANDO, Bayani F. 746,101 (2.90%)
5. MANZANO, Eduardo B. 476,879 (1.78%)
6. YASAY, Perfecto R. 257,030 (1%)
7. SONSA, Jose Y. 43,401 (0.16%)
8. CHIPECO, Jesus Nicanor P 32,971 (0.12%)

It will also be a critical time for the elections as the Philippines will experience a new automated process for voting.  Click here for a list of websites that cover online updates and live stream of the Philippines Election 2010 (Philippine Elections).

377 thoughts on “Updated Philippine Election Results: President and Vice-President Tally

  1. hindi pa po tapos ang counting sa mga picos coming from the barrio sa municipypo ay pina close or pina stop na ng inconvent mayor ang bilangan para lang manalo… lantaran ang perahan dito sa Talugtog, Nueva Ecija

  2. Maging matiwasay n kaya ang pinas mawala n kaya ang k0rapsi0n sa pinas ang trapik ang pagtaas ng bilihn at iba pa hayy sana maay0s n ang lahat ng gumanda ang buhay ng maralitang pilipin0..

  3. Vetellano Acosta, a DISQUALIFIED nuisance presidential candidate since almost 2 months ago garnering more than 100,000 votes?bwhahaha…just shows how stupid filipinos are.don’t tell me he’s got 100,000 relatives? that’s BS!

  4. To the decent citizens of the Philippines I,

    The decent citizens of the Philippines must reform your troubled country. Perhaps a candidate with indomitable will, incorruptible character, and unyielding determination can save your crumbling nation. Some suggestions would improve the lives of people and the reputation of your citizens at home and abroad.
    PI must stop children from begging in the streets. Please make these orphans wards of the state, send them to the finest schools and make them the pride of Philippines instead of the shame. Prosecuting parents and organizers profiteering off these kids to the fullest extent of the law will quickly end this national nightmare.

    PI must institute family planning, education, and birth control to have a manageable population. PI farms humans. They are exported abroad to work so their remittance income will fund the government. PI encourages their most talented citizens to leave and send their hard earned salaries home. The government and general populace have both become dependents of that income. When beggars, or a family of beggars, receive money, they become so dependent on that salary that they are forever unable to take care of themselves or survive without it. In the same token, the government has also become so dependent that it is unable to function without remittances. The largest export good and principle Gross Domestic Product from PI is people, the only country in the world with this shameful distinction. The world should “help” PI by heavily taxing remittances leaving those countries. Sending the brightest abroad will never improve your homeland.

    PI must stop sending their daughters into the sex trade industry and other forms of human exploitation for money. Your citizens are devotedly religious, but people who send young girls into prostitution are pimps. Recruiters mask the name as hostesses, cultural dancers, and domestic “helpers”, but everyone in the world knows PI allows hundreds of thousands of its daughters to go abroad as comfort girls, prostitutes, strippers, and other sex trade positions. Families shamelessly accept earnings, making them (the families) the scourge of the planet. The United Nations has formally and repeated criticized PI for turning a blind eye and intentionally sending young girls into human exploitation for pay, to no avail. Closing your eyes to the truth has created a pitiful weak and shameless nation. The decent citizens of the Philippines must demand accountability from politicians encouraging this practice. Strong leadership and reform policies could end this national disgrace.

    PI must address corruption rampant among self serving leaders and judges. PI ranks last in the world as “best places to do business” because of corruption, protectionism, and adversarial courts. Leadership is not a career, it is an honor, but those who abuse power or enrich themselves must be dealt with harshly or reform will never happen.

    PI must address the most severe societal concern facing the people and that is that millions of good people have done nothing to change it. The PI educational system stresses obedience and conformity so that moderately educated graduates are incapable of inciting change. We pray some fearless citizens will stand up to enact and demand a continuous improvement program of reform to face the challenges of your imperiled people.

  5. Mabuhay! Late Ninoy Aquino you are truly a brave man for me you my National Hero. You give your life to your country. Now your only son is newly elected President of the Philippines. Give hope to our people specially to the poor. God Bless!

  6. yeah yeah teacher, very well said and put together, lovely people but a badly run Goverment is doing the country bad. It makes me near cry to learn what happens over there. Abeautiful country also, very good for tourism. I hope their new Goverment will change things for them

  7. ouch!but it’s the truth.hopefully the newly elected leaders will do something better this time and not only use their popularity to gain more money while leaving the country in chaos.wake up philippines!

  8. Based on tally, it is very crazy and unbelievable that Estrada got many votes… if these are real votes, then most Filipinos are still stupid and illiterate… Righteousness in the mind of these people has been distorted…. Oh, God please do not allow Estrada to win again… I still love this country… we don’t want another revolution. Been sick and tired of it…

  9. oo nga noh! bat mas marami pang boto ung nuisance candidate kesa dun sa dalawang official candidates? grabe naman yan…

    @mael pati ba naman trapik isinama mo sa mga litanya mo? walang kinalaman ang gobyerno sa trapik trapik na yan…

    @teacher ang hirap naman basahin ng sinulat mo.. masyadong mahaba at malalim pa english

  10. to “teacher”

    You said: “PI ranks last in the world as ‘best places to do business'” – this is incorrect. North Korea ranks last in the world to do business.
    “Perhaps a candidate with indomitable will, incorruptible character, and unyielding determination can save your crumbling nation.” – this is the kind of thinking that has led the country into poverty. This mentality that “a single man can save us!” is totally wrong. This leads to more centralized government, and lack of economic freedom.
    Only through legislation of economic freedom will the people of the Philippines be free to pursue their own goals, rather than the toxic regulations that stifle it. Once economic freedom, investment and property rights are sustained, everything else will be fixed by the citizens themselves. All a government needs to do is allow them to do it at that point.

  11. I am not one of the decent filipinos, in fact I am one of the begging filipinos. But I am happy for the teacher above, who showed as the reality that we filipinos are one of the poorest and corrupt contries in the world.


    1. Our systems are corrupt but our people are generally smart.

    2. Our leaders are smart, but it is near impossible for them to control and change–bcoz selfishness and corruption, is becoming already our norm and it is already who we are inside already.



    1. Let the people know and international community know, that we are one of the most corrupt country in the world if not the most.



  12. Philippines will never be changed into a better country if the very people (the common people) doesn’t have any understanding about what it is to have new reform. How can we achieve it? What is the definition of new government reform? It depends on a person’s perspective. It is so sad to see children at a very young age of 7-10 bringing placards of the presidential candidate, shouting and cheering and they don’t have even a single idea what they’re been doing so long as there’s little money given to them. Worse, their parents were the one encouraging them to do that. As long as we see these types of activities during the campaign, the HOPE of this nation to change into a better Philippines is beyond darkness in the night sky. The dream and belief of Jose Rizal that “ang mga kabataan ay ang pag-asa ng bayan” is no longer applicable.

    Too bad, this country long time ago has been considered as one that has the richest natural resources. Everything was ruin from our natural resources to the mindset of the common people.

    The most whiners and complainers are those as**h*l*s who voted based on money and greed! Wake up Philippines, don’t wait until we become like Greece who needs a country bail-out. Because who would want to bail us out? If everything in this country will go down the drain.

    Or perhaps everyone will leave this country and just let the Aborigines stay here peacefully… We have been the product of corrupt conquerors during the Spanish time. Our bloodline has been corrupted eversince. So I think the best thing to have a possible New Philippines is to start from the scratch… We should all be gone here and leave this country to the Aborigines.

  13. This country will never see progress in the next 100 years, since we ourselves dont know who is the qualified person to lead us, think about it AQUINO, ESTRADA, VILLAR, VILLANUEVA, ACOSTA, PERLAS, MADRIGAL, DE LOS REYES can this people really get the job done? (Yes GORDON and TEODORO are not included) Philippine election is a joke! Stupid filipinos, wake up stop pointing your fingers and put the blame on the goverment (which you elected!) and stand up and do something! (But wait anyway, this country is a sinking ship, thier no point of saving it or salvaging it, its useless, rusty, old, outdated and its crew are too dammed stupid)

  14. Salamat sa partial election result jehz! Sana nga hindi tayo nagkamali sa ating pinili dahil kung hindi, ang tagumpay ay para lamang sa mangilan ngilan nasa pwesto at hindi ng sambayanang Pilipino.

  15. this is truly a joke!!! the masses did not know that noy2 did not pass any law…always sleeps in the senate…and robs the farmers with their lands…
    philippines will be gonna suffer for this.

  16. WTF! Ganun pa rin ka dami bomoto kay ERAP? Tanga ba tlga kaamihan ng mga pinoy? I can’t believe people are still trusting and voted him. He had his term before but what did he do? Wasn’t that enough for people to learn?
    May pagasa pa kaya ang Pilipinas?

  17. naku naman 2nd pa si erap sa ranking… sana matapos na bilangan at baka biglang mag rank 1 pa… tanga na lang talaga ang boboto kay erap..

  18. ang bobo talaga pumili ang mga tao qng cnu nararapat…

    dapat g1bo nlng yon…wala mga utak ..#1 pa c abno at #2 pa c ERAP? WTF,,,

  19. With Noynoy (The Charismatic and Wholesome) as our President, what platforms does he have to correct the mistakes done by the administrations that started 3 decade ago?

    To site my point let me give you some examples:

    1. The Aquino’s, particularly Noynoy had large shares in the Hacienda Luisita Business. For some reason, I think that a corporation should be much easier to manage and fix than a country. What boggles me most (in my own bias) is that, the Aquino’s solution for the problem is to get out of the business. In contrast to the country, Is this clown trying to test the water’s and when seen worse and unfixable, should be abandoned like the hacienda luicita?

    2. With his regime as President, is he going to be like his mother being manipulated by corporate giants and selfish leaders around him? For the past 15 years of sitting in various positions in the senate, I never saw him decisive enough to decide on his own for the common good (My own Bias). I just hope that what he does as President will result for the common good and not for the benefit of a few people surrounding him. As we remember, His mother was kind, gentle, religious and trust worthy but those attributes are not enough in this age of filthy and corrupted country. What we need is a Street Smart President with a pure heart of service. A strong gut, a brilliant mind and rock solid principles to understand anything about everything. Marcos had it when he was new to public service, but it changed as time went by. A great mind that turned out to be the start of the dirty politics in the Philippines. I just hope that Noynoy won’t follow his father’s opponents foot steps nor his mother’s ignorance.

    3. When talking about knowledge and facts about the problems of the country, does Noynoy have an idea of all the problems we are encountering as a nation? The debt problem from the IMF, World Bank, and other countries such as U.S., Europe etc. How will he improve the workforce to employ more people? How will he help the SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) to not only stay as small and medium but to expand to bigger and projects? What other alternatives will he do for the housing bubble that is growing (We may not see that now but in 6-10 years the Default Percentage will grow from 26%-86%. What will he do to fix the issue with poverty? Another issue being faced is the weather changes, energy and water shortages? What about agriculture, is he going to push Independent Rice Production so that we won’t need to import expensive rice and a lot more to mention.

    4. Is he willing to be transparent as President Quezon did in 1933 by telling the public of what he owns as assets and liabilities? (This stopped during the Marcos regime). The past presidents were proud to be poor but eventually risen up to be rich. The Former President Quezon was proud to be self-made and was not ashamed to say that he wanted wealth for the benefit of his family. Other presidents also amassed great wealth for reasons that they wanted to give more to the people (how can someone with nothing give to others when he does not have anything for himself?).

    Let’s just all be hopeful and optimistic that we have not made another mistake. We’re too tired to do another People Power. Crazy as it may sound, I think we all ghave to face the fact that the problem is not the leaders but our selves. Will this leaders lead us to a good change, not only in the government but also in our personal lives? Let’s hope for the best. Cheers

  20. to bobong pinoy

    i have nothing against you opting to vote for either gibo or gordon.
    whether you like it or not (apparently you’re not happy but…), other people will always have their own criteria for choosing who they want to tote for president and other positions in the government in ways people who consider themselves “critical” and “informed” (i suppose you consider yourself to be one of them too) will not be able to understand. just because other filipinos did not choose the same candidates as you did does not mean they are stupid. peace be with you.

    i truly believe that the task of improving our country does not rest on the hands of our president and the government alone. please, let’s do our part. there are so many ways to help our country: paying our taxes properly and on time, maintaining cleanliness, following the law and observing discipline among many other things.
    Also, let’s be nice to other pinoys even though they do not share the same beliefs as we do.

    i hope i didn’t provoke you or anyone with this reply. peace be with you and to all pinoys.

    to a brighter future for us pinoys.

  21. The appeal of emotions, the memory of some past ‘heroes’, the popularity of a relative, the memory of heroic movies, and a ‘public’ show of supposed piety… these are the basis of how the top voted ‘celebrities’ were raised to the top.

    Come on. Do we continue to let ourselves be fooled by these spinners and opportunists? This shows how gullible the majority of us still are. Then, we complain about the nation not moving at all. Yes, that’s right. We get what we deserve.

  22. Funny how everyone is so smart and knows exactly what to do to fix this country, especially those who are looking in from the outside. Decency has gone out a long time ago, and appealing to the decent people is futile. Those that know what to do(the decent people) already do, they stand in line in the heat for hours on end to get their voices heard. That is the only remnant of decency left. Everything else is pretense.
    To those who think we don’t see the wrongs, we know, we’re wallowing in it, how could we not smell the stench. But what would you rather have us do, give up altogether? Not voting, because of the belief that nothing’s going to change is simply immature. The voting process may be a futile exercise, but there are still decent people who believe in it.And who’s to say who’s the right person for the job? Each one decides, freewill, you know.
    It starts from within, the strength, the fortitude to stand for what one believes in, the industry, the drive to succeed. You can’t blame one single figure head for what’s wrong, a lot of things has already gone wrong going back generations, there’s no quick fix. One starts with a vote, a well-thought, conscientious, altruistic, forward looking vote.

    Or we could do what we’re especially good at, wallow in our ever growing mud pool and do nothing.

  23. SANA? dati pa itong inaasahan ng mamamayang pilipino, hanggang kelan pa kaya tayo aasa. mas maganda ng kumilos ang bawat isa kesa umasa

  24. Sana hindi si Noynoy o si Erap ang manalo bilang bagong Presidente natin. kawawa naman ang bansa natin. sana naman mga kapwa Pinoy ko sa past history natin nagbago na sana tayo at naging wais na sa ating mga desisyon. Bayan natin to tayo lang ang makakatulong para umunlad ito….

  25. amir, can you prove what you’re saying about noynoy that he robs the farmers? it’s a fact that he only owns 4% of the hacienda…. a very little % of the total ownership of hacienda…. it only means that he don’t have the control over it and that what happened their was not really his fault…


  27. masayang makita na ang binoto mo ay nanalo parang lotto lang diba? sana lang ganun din ang mangyari sa pilipinas na parang nanalo din sa lotto umangat at umunlad. kung hindi sayang ang hirap sa pagpila sa pagboto at sayang din ang pcos machine, parang natalo sa sabong hahaha.

  28. this election was both great and not, first beause napakahirap pumila grabeh and ang daming mga pcos machine nasira at next one ok lang naman kasi true yung mga sinabi ng iba na mabilis mu lang talagang malalaman yung result..and i want to congratulate noynoy na coz i know that he will still lead untill the end..thank you ..kaya lang nakakapuna lang siya kasi grabeh siya mag vote kahapon..pati t-shirt niya pinagpunasan niya wala po ba siyang panyo..jejejje
    …i hope noy that you will be the next president na…at uy titira na naman sila sa malacanang palace…

  29. Dee – The appeal of emotions, the memory of some past ‘heroes’, the popularity of a relative, the memory of heroic movies, and a ‘public’ show of supposed piety… these are the basis of how the top voted ‘celebrities’ were raised to the top.

    Come on. Do we continue to let ourselves be fooled by these spinners and opportunists? This shows how gullible the majority of us still are. Then, we complain about the nation not moving at all. Yes, that’s right. We get what we deserve.

    — You are absolutely right… Sad but True…. 🙁 —

  30. now that noynoy is leading (sana magtuloy tuloy) i am hoping that the philippines will have it’s rebirth. for me, there is no better next president other than noynoy. his parents have done a lot for our democracy; ninoy died for our country and cory become the icon of democracy and i believe that it is noynoy who could save us from our misery and poverty caused by greedy politicians. let’s just hope and pray that through GOD’s intercession, we’ll have a better government, a new system and new society not only for the benefit of the few but for the progress of our country and the betterment of filipino.

  31. i am disappointed with the presidential election results, thus i still have to respect others belief like their belief to estrada, it was really a ????????????? is this really how the filipino thinks??????????

  32. If this type of discussion happened everyday in the Philippines, we are on our way to a better tomorrow.

    But my father, a retired social studies teacher, pointed out to me this morning: nationalism, patriotism only become relevant to most people when they think they can get something out of it, preferrably instantly. People are short-sighted and attention-deficit.

  33. ito naman isang nag comment, “sabi this shows how stupid filipinos are” dahil pati daw nuisance candidate binoto, naku naman siguro american citizen na ito o kaya ofw sa ibang bansa, wag ka sanang ganyan magsalita sa sarili mong lahi kaibigan.. uuwi ka rin sa pinas.. pinilit ng lahat ng tao na ayusin ang election tapos you dont give them any credit.. Filipinos like you should be ashame of going back to the Philippines, you dont deserve it..

  34. Maraming salamat sa latest partial result mo…..

    Daming sinasabi ng mga tao at wala namang ginawa para ma improve ang ating bansa..Sawa na tayo sa mga matatalinong presidente na ang ginawang maraming batas ay para lang sa ka bubuti ng sarili nila at hindi sa taong bayan…

    Gibo kong hindi kalang manok n Gloria ikaw sana iboboto ko….

  35. pero wag din natin kaligtaan, every politician’s always have dark side haha, siguro lahat tayo meron nyan, kahit gano ka dedicated sa trabaho mo basta merong mga alipores sa paligid wala ring mangyayari. mahirap manghusga sa lahat ng kandidato, pero pansin ko lang mismo sila ay nagsisiraan, pano na tayo makakasiguro sa kinabukasan nyan? eh parang ang labas nyan gusto lang manalo kaya naninira. magbigay kayo ng isang kandidato na hindi nagsalita laban sa iba? hehe pag meron edi mabuti.

  36. @vangie A – The Philippine 2010 Election is just about midway of tallying/getting results although, as we can see, there are already obvious winners…As I was reading some of the comments, your comments struck me the most – You don’t respect the Filipino People and worst you call “most Filipinos stupid” – In my opinion, you are the most stupid Filipino at the moment…We still don’t know who will win, who are good or bad, etc…and yet you are pessimistic about the results – you don’t believe that The Philippines will find its way up – Aborigines?What the??I don’t believe that abandoning our country is the best solution… – “just shut up and wait”

  37. No offense but only Ninoy Aquino coulda, shoulda been a great President and Cory did just ok. But Noynoy? are you kidding? that is one stupid guy that pretends to be smart… c’mon people haven’t we learned yet…. 🙁

  38. Irespeto naman po nating ang gusto ng mga tao…wag naman pong sabihin bobo o stupid ang isang tao…respeto lang po…

  39. ako si GIBO ang binoto ko, na inis ako kasi ang layo na ng agwat, pero okay lang ang mahalaga ay nakibahagi ako at naipakita ko din kung sino ang karapat dapat upang maging president.

  40. We shouldn’t be satisfied just to have a new president. It’s not enough and definitely not an excuse…. We should always pray that our country will have a miracle from now on…

  41. I’m not a voter yet…but I could feel that Philippines will be better off this time..so sad my vote didn’t count in the change that will happen in the Philippines!!! I’m excited for the good things to come!!! Listen world!!! Philippines will rise!!! woo hoo!!! God bless the Philippines!!! Greater things have yet to come in this country!!! 🙂

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