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Updated Miss USA 2010 Scandal: Rima Fakih Pole Dancing Pictures and Videos

September 26, 2015 by · 2 Comments 

Just when people get famous for a good reason, like winning the Miss USA 2010 title, rumors and pictures of your tainted past will emerge and be seen by the internet.

This is what exactly happened to the recently crowned Miss USA 2010, Rima Fakih.  She is really one stunning beauty deserving of the crown from Dearborn, Michigan.  Rima got involved in a radio contest called “Mojo in the Morning” in 2007.  The contest involved stripped dancing and she also won the contest “Stripper 1010.”  This was back in the year 2007.  It is said that the prizes she got were some adult toys and a pole she can install on her very own home.

With this said, she might have a hard time projecting a positive image to the title.   Don’t you think it’s time to forget the past?  Whatever dancing she did, she didn’t really strip down.  This might be just a contest for fun.  People just take it way too seriously.  Don’t they know that pole dancing is considered another form of dancing and exercise.

Anyway, keep reading updates on this beauty on World Correspondents.  Here are more pictures of Rima Fakih.

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2 Responses to “Updated Miss USA 2010 Scandal: Rima Fakih Pole Dancing Pictures and Videos”
  1. cloaked says:

    So what she didn’t do anything illegal or exceptional.

    It happens thousands of times a day in America.

    Tell the busy-bodies to get a life!!

  2. Ace says:

    Cloaked, I feel you completely. I wrote a post about Rima, the sexy and well deserving award winner:


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