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Updated Earth Day 2010 Activities: Word Search and Coloring Pages for Kids

November 8, 2014 by · 3 Comments 

Today, we celebrate Earth Day 2010 together with the rest of the world. Earth Day is a yearly celebration to increase our awareness to take good care our planet Earth through conservation and reforestation. During this Earth Day 2010, many are asking what are some of the activities they can do to celebrate Earth Day? If you are one of those asking for Earth Day activities, here are some of the suggestions I have for you:

1. Plant Trees. If you are an adult, why not try to plant trees in your park. Planting trees can definitely conserve Earth by protecting it against disasters such as floods which is caused by weather conditions. Alternatively, you can also try to beautify your garden this Earth Day by having more plants and flowers on it.

2. Earth Day Word Search. When you have a family gathering this Earth Day, why not have a family bonding by having an Earth Day word search game among your loved ones? They will surely enjoy it. Make sure you have a timer and whoever finds all the words wins. Since today is Earth Day, you should have words that is related to Earth Day such as “green”, “conserve”, “reuse”, “recycle”, “solar”, “biodegradable”, “earth”, etc.

3. Earth Day Coloring Pages For Kids. For kids, you should buy them Earth Day coloring pages. They will surely love coloring those Earth Day images and will definitely appreciate the beauty of Earth and Mother Nature. Look for Earth Day coloring books with pages referring to beach sunset, earth, and mother nature in general.

Let’s love Earth. We all need to survive in this planet. Start contributing your own share by doing your own Earth Day activities.

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3 Responses to “Updated Earth Day 2010 Activities: Word Search and Coloring Pages for Kids”
  1. I’ve already made a batch of all natural dog treats for my Schnauzer. Next we’re planting a tree in his honor in the backyard and we’re going to the dog park just to enjoy Mother Earth. We’re taking along our bio-degradable poop bags too! Here’s my top 10 ‘Go Green With Your Dog’ list for dog lovers!

  2. ranjana singh says:

    I think earth day is a very important day because in this day we are focusing our environmental problem and we do effort something. I also thought that every people effort something individualy.


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