Updated Complete List of Winners of the 82nd Academy Awards 2010 Oscars

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are very witty hosts of the 82nd Oscars 2010.  We will be listing down the results as it happens.  Watch ABC now if you want to watch the Oscars live.  If you don’t have TV or if you can’t find ways to watch the Oscars 2010 online, just keep on refreshing this page to view the results and the winners here live.  Here are the List of the Winners for the Oscars 2010:

Penelope Cruz announced the Best Supporting Actor to Cristoph Waltz  (Inglorious Bastards).

Cameron Diaz and Steve Carell presented the Best Animated Featured Film to UP.

Amanda Seyfried and Miley Cyrus presented the Best Original Song to Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett.

Robert Downey Junior and Tina Fey announced the Best Original Screenplay to Mark Boal for The Hurtlocker.

— Oscars paid tribute to John Hughes

Best Animated Short Film was awarded Logorama by Nicolas Schmerkin.

— Ben Stiller came out in a very gnarly Avatar costume to present the award for “Best Makeup”  Watch out for pictures of Ben Stiller in Avatar Costume to be uploaded soon.

Best Makeup was awarded to Star Trek – Mindy Haul, Joel Harlow and Barney Burman.

Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Geoffrey Fletcher – Precious

Best Actress in Supporting role goes to Monique.

Rick Carter, Robert Strombert, Kim Sinclair of Avatar won the Best Outstanding Art Direction.

Best Costume Design was presented by Tom Ford and Sarah Jessica Parker to The Young Victoria by Sandy Powell.  She also won for The Aviator before.

— Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin did a horror skit.

— Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart went to the stage and presented tribute to horror films.

Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick presented the Best Sound Editing to Paul N.J. Ottosson for the Hurt Locker.

Anna Kendrick and Zac Efron awarded Best Sound Mixing is won by Hurt Locker (Ray Becket and Paul N.J. Ottosson).

Mauro Fiore for Avatar won the Best Cinematography.

Jennifer Lopez and Sam Worthington on stage to present Best Original Score to Michael Giacchino for the movie Up.

Outstanding Visual Effects goes to Avatar. Joe Letteri, Stephen rossenbaum, Andrew jones, and Richarck Banahem.

Matt Damon announced the Best Documentary Feature that goes to The Cove.

Best Film Editing was won by The Hurt Locker

El Secreto de Sus Ojos won the Best Foreign Language Movie.

Jeff Bridges won Best Actor in Leading role.  The award was announced by Kate Winslet looking very classy and posh in her attire tonight.

Sean Penn announced the Best Actress in a Leading role to Sandra Bullock for the movie The Blind Side

Best Director went to Kathryn Bigelow – The Hurt Locker.

The Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the year 2010 goes to The Hurt Locker!

The list ends here and the Oscars 2010 is over.  Click here to read the highlights of the event.

19 thoughts on “Updated Complete List of Winners of the 82nd Academy Awards 2010 Oscars

  1. WTF?? Avatar was head and shoulders above all the other movies. How was the voting done this year? Its crazy, seriously. Avatar was robbed of its rightful destiny – this was the movie of the year, NOT The Hurt Locker.

  2. Avatar shouldn’t even have been nominated, personally. It was overhyped and visually fantastic, granted, but was lacking in many other areas. I think District 9 or Up should have won best picture.

  3. Are you kidding Scott?? Yes, because Pocahtontas in Space should have won, right? Hurt Locker was a great movie that actually had some original thoughts in it.

  4. All of you are idiots.
    I am thoroughly upset that District 9 did not win a damned thing.
    Inglorious Bastards, or District 9 should have won the fucking “Movie Of The Year” awards, and you idiots both know it.

  5. The Hurt Locker & Avatar were both good films but it really comes down to the current world climate, more people are interested in films like The Hurt Locker because of the war in Iraq. Kathryn Bigelow put something out there with great substance, that also suits the current market.

  6. Hurt Locker was a boring predictable un-original piece of shit. There must be something going on behind the scenes cause there is absolutely no way that this was remotely as good a film as Avatar. Maybe the environmental message behind Avatar ruffled a few industry (political) feathers. And of course the American (political machine) would want Hurt Locker to win. It makes them look like they’re doing a good and noble job in the Middle East. Two thumbs down from me!

  7. I believe that Hurt Locker was a real good movie, and as Tom said, it is the right movie at the right time, but i really cant see it being held with much regard a few years down the line. However, i am not as confused by this decision as i am for the Best Director award…? Hurt locker may be a better movie to put on a screen in front of a given audience, but how on earth is it a better achievement than Avatar? This award is where the real farce lays…

  8. Avatar had the depth of a video game trailer — as it undoubtedly soon will be. Bigelow is a credentialed artist. She “paints in time” as a sculptor renders in space. Some viewers just ain’t got no taste buds for quality.

  9. Spoken like a true bandwagon jumper…..those words are as meaningless as an artist trying to justify a blank canvas as being ‘challenging to the conventions of the genre’ at the end of the day, it means sod all.
    nobody complained about the depth of ‘dances with wolves’ which Avatar is a (complete) rip off with regards to story, but then, DWW wasnt exactly original either….. and neither is hurt locker. Avatar has moved the posts for directing special effects, and wove a far richer visual tapestry than HL

  10. I guess I am from the old school. When I see a ninety year old woman, on a walker, work her way up to the counter to buy a ticket for Blind Side that impacted me.

  11. The Hurt Locker was a fine movie, but I’m not sure it deserved best picture. Inglorious Bastards was a great film too, but it seemed to lack something. Avatar might not have had the most original story or best dialogue, but it truly immersed the viewer in an amazing world. All of the work that Cameron put into getting it “just right” should have been recognized. I didn’t see District 9 or Up In The Air, so I can’t speak to those. Just my opinion of course.

  12. It will be interesting to see how the whole Hurt Locker drama unfolds. You know about how it is actually about a real soldier and they don’t want to give him is credit or fair share. That even the title was stolen from a phrase he came up with.

  13. I thought that Avatar was a very good movie. I also didn’t think that it was deserving of the best picture of the year award. While the movie was incredible, it had a story that was definitely not original. I mean the plot of that movie is almost strangely close to stories like Dances With Wolves and Pocahantas. Its an old story done in a new way and while the direction that he went with the physical directing of the movie was something no one had ever attempted before, and should’ve wone him an oscar for best director, the movie itself was not worth the title best motion picture of the year.

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