Updated Boston Marathon 2010 Results: Top Race Finishers Were Revealed

The 114th Boston Marathon 2010 had just another successful marathon race with over 25,000 runners participated. The race has already ended and the winners were already announced.

Based on the Boston Marathon 2010 results, Kenyans and Ethiopians both topped the winners list. For the Open Race category in which everyone can participate, it was Robert Cheruiyot, a runner from Kenya who topped the Men’s Division getting the top prize of $150,000. Equivalently, in the Women’s Division, it was Teyba Erkesso from Ethiopia who got the top spot winning the same amount of money.

Both runners registered an astounding record time as they finished the world’s oldest marathon race. Cheruiyot got to the finish line at a record time of 2:05:52 while Erkesso finished it at 2:26:11.

For the Wheelchairs Category, it was runners Ernst Van Dyk and Wakako Tsuchida who topped the Boston Marathon 2010 race results in the Men’s and Women’s Division, respectively.

For the Handcycles Category, it was marathon race runners Pier Triangeli Jr. and Kirstie-Louie Honeywill-Sykes who got the top spot in Men’s and Women’s Division.

For the rest of the Boston Marathon 2010 results, you can view the full winners’ list in each category together with their official times at the Boston Marathon 2010 official website here.

Congratulations to all top race finishers for this year’s Boston Marathon 2010!

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