UPDATE: UVa’s Lacrosse player murder:George Huguely ‘Obsessed’ With Yeardley Love, Friend Says

A friend of George Huguely who played lacrosse with with him in Landon School summer leagues told The New York Daily News that Huguely “partied really hard and when he was drunk or f—– up, he could be violent. He would get out of control.”

Huguely, accused of the violent murder of his former girlfriend Yeardley Love, who played on the women’s lacrosse team at the University of Virginia, was described by the summer league teammate as “obsessive,” constantly texting Love to the point that people close to her worried about the relationship.

Another friend who knew both Huguely and Love said the couple broke up in part due to an incident during which Huguely attacked Love and could not remember doing it the next day,which precipitated their final breakup. On the night of Love’s death,”He was really messed up and punched a window of a car on the way over to her apartment that night,” the friend said, speaking on the condition of anonymity out of consideration for Love’s family. The friend said Huguely had been seen breaking bottles at another party before Love’s death and had told people he was going to her apartment to get Love back.

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