Update on Volcanic Ash Flight Disruption: Schedule of Resumed Flights of Major Airways

A lot of people has been bothered and a lot of events has been moved. The ashes covering skies of Europe coming from Iceland’s erupted volcano has brought so much chaos to a lot of people. According to the International Air Transport Association, Airlines have been losing at least $200 million a day and this thing can’t be staying for long.

Test flights has been made Sunday and it has allowed few flights to resume late Monday. “From tomorrow morning on, we should see progressively more planes start to fly,” European Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas said. “And this is good news for Europe’s stranded passengers, good news for airline industry and other sectors hard hit by this crisis.” he added.

Lufthansa airline of Germany has announced that it would send 50 planes currently in international destinations back to Germany, and would also be bring back up to 15,000 passengers. On Monday night, some domestic flights will resume. The airline company has done an air test themselves and found out no harm to their planes.

British Airways will have some flights in and out of London starting 7 p.m. Tuesday (2 p.m. ET). They also conducted their flight test and also found out no harm to their planes in various altitudes.

On the other hand, not all test flights has shown positive results. Finnish Air Force F-18 Hornet fighters that conducted test flights over northern Finland on Thursday showed effects from volcanic material. Meteorologist Derrick Ryall of the MET Office in London said there is no “defined safe limit” for volcanic ash. “No one has said what a safe limit for aircraft is, so therefore it’s very difficult for these judgments to be made,” he said.

With all these results coming out, it’s up to the passengers if would take the risk in flying out together with these thick ashes in the sky.

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