Update on Iceland’s Volcanic Eruption: Volcanic Ashes Disrupting Travels

It has been 2 days now and still ashes are all over Europe and causing chaos to a lot air flights. In fact it has caused a cancellation of 17,000 flights and according to Eurocontrol this would continue for another 24 hours. It also caused the Europe’s busiest airports which includes London’s Heathrow and Schiphol in Amsterdam.

According to Eurocontrol and local authorities, airspace was also closed over Belgium, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, and the Netherlands, and airspace was partially closed in France, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, and Ireland.

Flying with these ashes around could be very dangerous to the engines of airplanes. “If that air were mixed with ash, it can cause engine failure and electrical difficulties with an aircraft. It’s happened before, and the aircraft didn’t come out the other end in one piece.” said Russel Craig, Machester’s Airport spokesman.

Due to these chaos, train stations are now jam packed because people are trying some other alternatives to get into their destinations.

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